Industry News

EA Confirm NBA Jam

There is a catch, however…

MGS Movie Is Dead

Snake? Snaaaaaaaaaaaakkke!

Irrational Games Returns

2K Boston go back to their roots.

Rockstar Wives Up In Arms Over Working Conditions

You’re working our men to the bone, Rockstar!

In Game Chat Goes 3D

Dolby launches surround sound chat.

Analyst Predicts Great Things For PS3 In 2010

Sony has ben saying it since day one, Analysts now agree.

ELSPA Facts & Figures 2009

Which was the ‘Star console’?

Sony To Launch 3D TV Channel

Further proof that the future lies in the third dimension.

EA Are Number 1 In Europe

Publishing giant regains its European crown.

Games To Be Sold By Vending Machines

I’d like a Coke, some Monster Munch and Uncharted 2.

Metacritic’s Best Games Of 2009

Meta-critical acclaim apportioned.

November’s NPD Numbers

Anyone care to guess the month’s biggest selling game?

£6 Broadband Tax Confirmed

Taxing the internet – genius.