Industry News

DOA Paradise Has “Dental Floss Thongs”

Priceless comedy from the ESRB. Wait. What?

THQ Confirm Sequels

Saints Row 3, Red Faction 4, Darksiders 2 all due.

Sony’s Q3 Results

Nikkei predicted a profit. Were they right?

SEGA’s New Console Leaked

Looks like it’s coming this Summer.

Retail Prices May Rise In 2010

Industry could face another set back…

Doctor Who Games Incoming

Wibbley wobbley timey wimey gamey wameys!

Lords Endorse UK Dev Tax Relief

Good news for UK’s declining development industry?

PS3 Goes Organic

Fabulous new art adverts.

Sonic Joins Alton Towers

Roll up, roll up.. roll up in to a spinning blue ball.

ITV & BBC To Make Games

Delia Smith’s Extreme Bun Making for PS3?

Big Brain Better For Gaming

Big head means better at games, but worse choice when it comes to hats.

Doctors Blame Games For Rickets

Adam Rickitts biggest hit was “I Breathe Again”, it reached No.5.