H.A.W.X. Demo In Feb

February is like a gift which just keeps on giving, PSN content galore.

Lumines Supernova Tomorrow

Euro Store gets the PS3 delicious block-based puzzler from Q Entertainment.

Killzone 2 Demo Not Multiplayer

You might have heard otherwise this morning, but TSA comes with the facts, foo.

EA Post Loss, Close Studios

If it wasn’t for those pesky Americans selling houses to people who would never pay it back…

New Uncharted 2 Screens

Before your very eyes, the bar has just been raised for what is capable on a games console.

Free Radical: Safe

UPDATE! These reports have been confirmed so hopefully things are looking up in Nottingham.

Iron Man 2

Are you a big fan of piss-poor movie tie-ins? Then step this way and prepare to be amazed…

Leaving It A Little Late Lads?

The Godfather II pushed back to 2010 fiscal year from this month. Smart move perhaps?

Games Make You Mad

Right-leaning British paper writes about another report blaming gaming for all the world’s evils

Resi 5 & SF IV Coming Home

Home receives Capcom support as Resi 5 & SFIV stuff come to home.

God Of War III: Online?

(update) Sony Santa Monica looking for Online Gameplay Programmer for GOW Team.

Flower Trophies Revealed

Whimsical spoilers inside, Trophy fans, with the full set of Flower Trophies.

Bourne Saved

Good news for conspiracy fans. Bad news for the CIA. Bourne is coming back.

Flower Price Confirmed

Flower priced at £6.29, but my hands are really starting to freeze.

Under Siege

From under all the snow, a PS3-exclusive RTS is announced.

Killzone 2 Demo Hits Thursday

Want to play Killzone 2 in about 3 days? Course you do, so look out for the demo.

UK Industry Growth Up

We have a bigger market than the home of video games, second only to the home of consumerism.

Resident Evil 5 Lands

Demo now available for your shiny black PS3, click for information.

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