Ferrari Patched

Rossa Racer gets online patch, but no Trophies yet, sadly.

The Godfather II

With free blood-soaked horse’s head peripheral!

Soul Calibur 4: 2m Shipped

Latest iteration ships over 2 million since launch

Damnation Trailer

A shooter gone vertical – whatever will they think of next?

TSAN: Everybody’s Golf

Come join us for a round of Golf – Everybody’s Welcome.

Blitz: The League II

Red-38, red-38, no I said 38 – 38, damn it – hut-hut-hut

SOCOM: Confrontation

SOCOM release details announced – simultaneous world wide release?

TSAN – Warhawk Server

(update) Last server tonight – feedback wanted…

Madden NFL 09

Long-lasting Madden franchise is 20 this year.

Burnout’s Bikes

Bikes. In Burnout. Where? When? Read on…

Naughty Dog Barks

Naughty Dog, trophy support, tech talk and a tease…

Battlefield: New Mode

Battlefield: Bad Company – free DLC this Thursday

SingStore Update: 07/08/08

Best record ever hits Singstar this Thursday. Best. Record. Ever.

One More LBP Surprise?

Alex Evans hints at just one more little surprise before launch.

Sony Bullish

SCEA’s Scott Steinberg – fanning the flames of fanboy flamewars.

Team Ico Game: 2009

Shuhei Yoshida cites 4 year development cycle. So, next year then?

DKΣ3713 Roundup

Square Enix Party is over. So what did we win or lose this time?

LBP Gets Release Date

Confirmed for 30th of October, you know, over there.