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Home 1.1: Glitched

Fancy doing “The Running Man” in mid air above a massive canyon? Well now you can.

PS3 Price Cut Coming?

SCEE boss talks about cheaper build costs and better profitability but does he mean a cut?

Home v1.10 Has Landed

The bug fixes in the bug fix have been sorted, get it whilst it’s hot.

Worms Coming To PSN

Wiggly little pink things with stereotypical accents. Oh, there’s a joke there.

Punish the PSN

An FPS on the PSN in Q2? Yes please, and bring me some more acronyms, I’m running out.

Home Bug Fix – Buggy?

Home’s v1.10 update pulled at the last minute, due to technical hitch. *Updated*

Play H.A.W.X. Early

Not busy on Feb 19th? Can get to Surrey? Well don’t forget your flight-suit.

LBP Content Mis-advertised?

(update) It was a mistake on the US blog, Marketing Manager apologises, I look smug.

Killzone 2 Demo Now Up

Go grab your own slice of Killzone 2 before the servers die from the pressure!

Bad Company 2 Revealed

Bad Company 2 is coming, but what’s this? Another PSN game too?

EU KZ2 Pre-orders: 1.1 Million

My prediction of a million sales in the first week seems rather small now.

PSN Store Update: 05/02/09

(update) Burnout, Lumines and, er, something beginning with K and ending in a ‘2’. Full list.

Burnout 1.60 Out Now

Everyone’s favourite developers launch update for everyone’s favourite racer. *Updated*

Be LBP’s Valentine

Step this way to see the content Sony wants you to download to show your love for Sackboy.

Great New Stuff For Home

Home receives a boat load, in fact two boat loads full of new features and content.

Home Receiving Update

Home gets v1.10 patch, and with it a whole load of bugs disappear.

Red Dead Rockstar

Time to saddle up as R* resurrect the Red Dead brand for new game later this year.

H.A.W.X. Demo In Feb

February is like a gift which just keeps on giving, PSN content galore.