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GAME Record Results

Gamers: Single handedly helping the economy since 2008.

Steel and Titanium Priced

The first Killzone 2 DLC gets a price and a new trailer. You know, to store its beer in.

PixelJunk 1-4 Announced

Yet another Sony Facebook page. It’s a good job you don’t have to have a Facebook account to – oh – damn.

Trash Panic Announced

A brain teaser that is environmentally aware, what’s not to like?

SingStar Trophies Released

Announced, delayed and now released. Get your SingStar on right now!

Fallout Announcement Leaked

We understood the whole thing was embargoed, but once one website turns on the tap, the flood is unavoidable.

Sony Goes For The Casual Look

John’s at it again. Now he want’s some ‘soft’ pie. Mmmmmm Pie….

ThreeSpeech Say Goodbye

ThreeSpeech posts its final message, EU Blog to launch in the Summer.

Killzone 1.24 Patch Incoming

Well I must say. Bravo Guerrilla, bravo indeed. Fantastic patch coming soon.

“Many Cards Yet To Deal”

Sony provide more PR talk, but there is a wicked poem. Not from Sony though, not this time.

Star Trek Beaming Onto PSN

Paramount are self-publishing a game of the new Star Trek film, coming soon to PSN. “Choose your side, fire your weapons, boldly go!”

NPD: PS3 Suffering

In America, nobody wants to buy a PS3. March’s NPD sales figures provide uncomfortable reading for Sony.

Virtua Tennis 09 Pirated

The one thing I’ve always thought that was missing from a game of tennis is pirates, well now even that’s about to change.

Major GT 5 Rumours

600 cars, 94 tracks, track editor and talk of GT Mobile, which (yes) is still in production for the PSP.

God Of War 1-3 On Blu-ray?

Want both God Of War prequels with the sequel? Well you better get voting then!

PSN Store Update: 16/04/09

(updated) It’s Outrun time. What else do you need to know? What else matters? Exactly.

Sony Opts For Alternative Beta Testers

Want to be part of the Fat Princess beta test but don’t have the credentials to be a ‘proper’ bug tester? Don’t worry, just eat some cake.

Trine Sublime

Jumping from one platform to another has been wildly overlooked this gen. Until now….. *scary music*