PS3 Exclusives: Sales in the US

US sales figures for a number of Sony’s PS3 exclusive titles.

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Trailer

World first: The latest Harry Potter game revealed for the very first time here on TSA.

Fight Night Round 4 Hits Hard

EA show they own the ring when it comes to boxing games

Home to be “Essential”

Sony’s virtual world is getting more populace and more lucrative.

THQ: “We Don’t Suck”

THQ spokesman explains recent staff cuts.

Uncharted: The Movie

Nathan Drake coming to the big screen.

Retailer on PSPgo: “Do I want to stock this?”

Independent UK retailers “downbeat” on the PSPgo price.

UK Exclusive: More PSPgo Details

Google Translate helps us read some more details on the PSPgo. Also images of it side-by-side with a PSP-3000.

inFamous Requires Caffeine And A Home

Sucker Punch’s newest release will be found in Home soon.

Proper PSP Phone On The Way?

Have Sony finally realised that a unified phone-gaming platform is the way forward?

New PS3 Exclusive To Be Revealed In August

Housemarque about to reveal brand new exclusive.

Play PS1 Games On Your iPhone

Hackers: ready?

Trine Coming Soon

Captivating new physics based puzzler-come-platformer gets a Demo and release date.

Hustle Kings on PSN

A new pool experience coming to the PSN this winter, looks just like pool in your local but a bit cleaner.

Classic Capcom Coming to PSP

More genuine retro classics coming from Capcom via the PSN.

Home Community Recreate Big Brother

The Home community take the events management into their own hands.

PSN Store Update: 25/06/09

Mildly better than last week.