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Did you know a Sackboy named Arnold had his own blog?

GAME Reveal UK Console Numbers

The console war in the UK is not going Sony’s way.

Blu-ray Sales Booming

The whole playing games thing is just smoke and mirrors, right?

Sony Don’t Need An Invisible Steering Wheel

The wand / 3D camera system gets even more confusing.

Fat Princess Disappears From Summer Release List

(Update) Summer release schedule missing the PSN’s big hitter. It is still coming to PSN though.

God Eater Gets First Gameplay Video

Namco Bandai’s Winter hit looks a bit like a hardcore Devil May Cry.

Motorstorm Adrenaline Pack Leaked?

You can get it now, if you have the means.

Valve Needs Better Coders

Huge developer/publisher has realised what weve been sarcastically hinting at for months.

PSPgo Goes Up To 480 Mhz.

New model much more powerful than the PSP 3000.

Clap Hanz PSP Game Revealed

The clouds, so to speak, have cleared. Well, technically they haven’t…

PlayStation Store Update: 02/07/09

(Update 5) New games, new Home content, new Store Update format.

Battlefield 1943: 9th July

DICE’s multiplayer shooter lands next week.

Secret Home Space Leaked (And Pulled)

Jealous of the Japanese Home’s Cafe? Be jealous no longer.

Damnation Devs Laid Off

Blue Omega Entertainment has laid off its games development team.

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Speed Pack Launches Today

Quicksands, Engorged and Dark Fire Swamp appear alongside new vehicles and Trophies.

PlayStation On Your Phone

Who needs a PSP phone when you can have PSX originals on your existing smartphone?

Introducing Gaikai

If cloud gaming is the future, then step inside and see the future now.

SEGA Sees Many Opportunities With Motion Control

It is not just gamers eagerly awaiting the new motion controllers from Sony and Microsoft.