Xbox News

Natal Drops A Chip

Bone System abandoned. Oh, help.

MW2 DLC Exclusive To Xbox 360?

Major Nelson seems to think so.

Game Room and Natal Info Leaked

It’s not just Sony who lets those videos slip out.

ELSPA Facts & Figures 2009

Which was the ‘Star console’?

The Final Final Fantasy?

CEO of Square Enix make it pretty clear it is.

Bayonetta Gets Her Guns Out

Another collector’s edition unboxed.

Darksiders Will Not Have DLC

Or multiplayer for that matter.

New Army Of Two: The 40th Day MP Trailer

Take your rather small Army online in Salem and Rios’ latest bromance.

Dragon Age: Awakening Coming In March – Updated

More dragons. More ages. More basically.

Onlive ‘Cloud’ Shunned By Sony

Maguire: “dedicated games consoles remain the only systems powerful enough”

100 PS3 Games Of 2010 – Addendum I

Because 100 just wasn’t enough.

Modern Warfare 2 Conquers Amazon

Activision shooter the best selling thing on the planet.

Toki Returns

Spitting is not clever, unless you are a video game ape.

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