Xbox News

Arc & Natal Pricing Leaked?

Ubisoft’s top man reveals the rather reasonable pricing?

PS3 Takes Charge Of 2010

January, February, March – who’s in charge?

Brink’s Character Customisation Shows Tattoos, Car Tyre Jackets

Gang tats and plastic bag clothes are all the rage in the future.

Mass Effect 2 To Launch With Free DLC

Free DLC will have a massive effect…

Deadly Premonition Trailer Has Bleeding Trees

As in bloody. Not, you know, those bleedin’ kids are on my lawn again.

The PS3 Was Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’s Lead Console

So, probably not looking at another Bayonetta then.

The Last Remnant Getting The Star Ocean Treatment On PS3?

Amazon listing suggests something bigger is coming.

BioShock 2 DLC Confirmed

In other news: sky still blue.

Exclusive: Dark Void Survivor Missions DLC Trophies

Seems like your favourite jetpack game will be receiving DLC… already!

The Multi-Path Just Cause 2

Rico’s Cub-Scout orienteering badge comes in handy.

New RISK: Factions Screens

Humans Vs cats in the never-ending struggle for world domination.

Catan And Hamster Ball Rated

Two new PSN titles incoming. One has hamsters.