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Xbox News

X10 Impressions: Game Room

Hands on with Microsoft’s “Home”.

Obsidian Working On Wheel Of Time Games

Not Wheel of Fortune, silly.

Left 4 Dead 2 DLC Detailed

And some more DLC for the first game.

How Many Zombies?

Valve release L4D2 statistic…

Doom II XBLA Video Leaked

First look at the 360 version.

X10 Impressions: Fable III

Lionhead’s head honcho talks to TSA.

New FFXIII Screens Surface

Looking good there, Square.

Halo Reach is “Sandbox”

Much more to explore

Activision Lay Off Staff?

Looks like Radical, Neversoft and Luxoflux.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero 360 Exclusive

Definitive version skips the PS3.

Singularity And Transformers Dated

Until they change, of course.

Halo Legends Q&A

Still hope for a Halo live-action movie.

Bad Company 2 Demo To Make History

No wonder that grenade is smiling…