Xbox News

Warner Bros Talk Midway And OnLive

Warner Bros dicuss the saved Midway properties

Steven Pick Tells The Midway Story

Midway Newcastle are sadly no more, here’s the full story.

Jonathan Blow’s Braid Follow Up: The Witness

New game from Braid creator penned for multiple platforms in 2011.

UK Videogame Charts: Week 31

Proper games be damned. If you’re not on the Wii, you’re not selling.

Rage On 360: 60fps, PS3: 20fps

Carmack’s Rage runs more than twice as fast on the Xbox 360.

£55 Not Enough? Try £70

If you thought Activision’s near 25% increase was bad, how does 55% sound?

Dev Wants Digital Download ‘Charts’

For them it’s not just a matter of being curious about the month’s top seller.

Halo: ODST – Desperate Measures

Video showing lots of gameplay has suddenly got me very interested.

THQ Discuss Red Faction: Guerrilla Launch

THQ CEO, Brian Farrell, discusses the launch of their newest AAA game.

Gearbox Not Developing Halo 4

The suspicious ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ were just ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ then.

Guitar Hero 5 Setlist

I must say, I’m personally not that impressed.

Aliens Vs. Predator Video

New Sega game looks better with every viewing.

Xbox 360 Twitter/Facebook Info

Slim details about the Twitter and Facebook clients emerge

Forza 3’s European Release Dated

(Updated) And we’re getting it before the US.

David Cage Keynoting GDC Europe

Heavy Rain developer CEO to talk about narrative in interactive media.

Microsoft at GamesCom?

Two stories for the price of one as Microsoft’s GamesCom offering is rumored.

Halo 4 in Development?

Gearbox possibly working on Halo 4 to continue the Halo franchise after Bungie.

MW2 Pricing Sets Trend

Insider goes on record and admits that other franchises are following Activision’s lead.