Oculus Quest

Lucidsound LS10X Gaming Headset Review

A lightweight headset with heavyweight sound.

Synth Riders PSVR Review

Not a lightcycle in sight.

Turtle Beach Recon 500 Gaming Headset Review

Total Eclipse of the ears.

Fnatic React+ Gaming Headset Review

The devil is in the detail.

Star Wars Pinball VR Review

The fanservice is strong with this one.

Maskmaker Review

Hail to the maskmaker, maskmaker, maskmaker…

EPOS H3 Gaming Headset Review

The EPOS-ibilities are endless.

Yupitergrad Review

Plunging into space.

Audeze Penrose Gaming Headset Review

Magnetic personality

Maskmaker is another inventive VR puzzler from the makers of A Fisherman’s Tale

You want feathers? That’ll cost you extra…

Final VR3000 Gaming Earphone Review

Virtually perfect?

Jurassic World Aftermath Review

Things that go hiss in the dark.

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