E3 2011

Now that the big media presentations are over, the flow of news will start to settle down. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying our coverage and you’ll stick around as the hands-on and demo impressions of all the new games and hardware start to come in from our guys on the show floor. The latest news will continue to gather here, there are sure to be more revelations as people are interviewed and games are demonstrated.

Don’t forget to listen to the podcast specials we did for each platform holder. You can hear our views on Microsoft’s show, listen to what we thought of Sony’s PSVita unveiling and enjoy the over-tired, insane ramblings we did about Nintendo’s big reveal.

Microsoft E3

They’re the first of the big three platform holders to show their hand with the press conference at 9AM on the day before the show floor opens. Their exclusives have slowed somewhat in the past year but we’re told they’ll have plenty of exciting things to unveil before E3 is done. We’ve got a man in the room but we’ll also be watching the stream and reporting the big announcements when they happen.

Microsoft will be streaming its press conference live on Xbox.com but they’ve also given us the necessary code to stream it on TSA too so keep your eyes peeled for the post going live about half an hour before festivities begin.


Sony E3

It’s been a rough six weeks for them but the year and a half before that was phenomenal. Can they absolve themselves for the PlayStation Network debacle and keep up their almost relentless avalanche of top quality exclusives? We’ll be reporting live as their conference goes on and commenting on all the big news.

The PlayStation Blog will be streaming the big presentation live. We’re not sure if they will allow us to stream it but if they give us code, we’ll show it on TSA too.


Nintendo E3

The most successful home console of this generation is about to be superseded by a new model. Just what is the truth behind all of those insane Project Café rumours and how do they plan on bolstering enthusiasm for the 3DS as we run into the busy fourth quarter? Will they announce another crazy peripheral like the Vitality Sensor or Wii Speak? We’ll be reporting the announcements as they come and giving you our take on them as the show continues.

Nintendo are streaming their show live on Nintendo.com. Again, if we can get code to embed it here, we’ll show it from TSA too.


In addition to the three major platform holders, a couple of the biggest third party publishers are also holding press events.

You can watch EA’s conference live from their site for all the latest Battlefield news, word of their sports franchises and hopefully some new IP and a reboot or two.

Ubisoft are also streaming their show, live from Ubi.com where we can expect plenty of Assassin’s Creed coverage and a lot more from the French publisher who have been getting better and better of late.

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