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    Don’t quote me on this info but I’ve been doing some research – I may not be 100% correct…

    I’ve been looking at 4k HDR TVs incase I get a PS4 Pro but stumbled across more and more issues involving HDR the more I read up about it.

    I need at least a 55″ – preferably a 60″ TV to replace my old 1080 set –
    The problem is, after closely researching HDR, it turns out a TV capable of taking full advantage of the PS4 Pro HDR 10 is going to set me back at the very minimum £1500 – adding the PS4 Pro to the package is getting close to 2 Grand!!! (Which is way above my budget).
    It turns out most of the basic-mid range TVs with HDR aren’t capable of producing the colour spectrum the premium HDR TVs do which won’t fully benefit from the PS4 Pro’s HDR output.

    The TVs with HDR which are capable, bear an “Ultra HD Premium” logo which carries a minimum dynamic range as standard. Apparently this was formed through an alliance between several TV manufactures, Sony, Samsung etc.

    I then discover LG TVs have a premium HDR Dolby Vision which is superior to normal HDR on other sets & there is a 55″ set available for £999. Unfortunately after more research, this can playback HDR Dolby Vision & HDR 100 signals, BUT, so far the PS4 Pro has no plans supporting these TVs even though they output HDR 10. I don’t quite understand – it’s bloody confusing – but it does appear LG TVs with Dolby Vision HDR won’t be able to take full advantage of the Pro’s HDR.

    Ultimately I was gonna pick up a 60″ 4K HDR Samsung until I realised the HDR isn’t doesn’t meet the so-called ,’Alliances’ standards and won’t give that good a result – apparently. (A long with most budget – mid ranged HDR TVs).

    So there you have it – It appears you have to buy a Premium TV to take advantage of ‘Full HDR’ and it ain’t gonna be cheap.

    Anyone else confused with what TV to buy?


    I was considering going down the 4K route with new telly and PS4 pro added to the shopping cart but after your research and findings have been swayed from that route quick-sharp!

    I’m just going to settle for a new slim PS4 in the meantime, mainly for the new 5GHz Wi-Fi mode signal that I know is transmitted by my current router/modem set up as it’s limited 2.4GHz effort that interacts with my current console is frankly…shit!; Also the new DS4 V2 controller included ticks boxes.

    I’ve pre-ordered the £310 bundle from Shopto which includes PS4 1TB slim/Fifa 17/extra DS4 V2 controller. Figured I’d sell the sealed Fifa 17 game, upgrade the slim with my current 2TB HDD, install the slim 1TB HDD to my current PS4 and then sell that.

    Should all work out quite favourably…2TB slim, 2 x DS4 V2 controller and a detectable Wi-Fi connection all for a snip! :)


    Yeah, sorry to put a downer on the new TV thing ;)
    I’m going to do some more research today as I really want a new TV now – I’m guessing its better to hold off though as HDR is still a reasonably new technology – you never know, some TVs may go down in price by Christmas.

    Yep, I’d sell FIFA whilst it’s still sealed.


    Well I’ve been looking at this badboy – SAMSUNG UE55KS7000 – but unfortunately, the stand (legs) are 2cm wider apart than my bloody TV stand! The feet are 1120mm apart, my stand is 1100mm wide!


    @freezebug if your 2.4ghz is that bad it is unlikely 5ghz will be much better, and if you live in an older property with thicker walls then forget it. You’d be better off with power line adapters; I use solwise passthroughs and they’re fantastic – completely stable connection and between 200-300Mbps.


    @hornet On the contrary mate, I have a sneaky suspicion that the Wi-Fi antenna built into the original PS4 console is of inferior build quality and probably made of Christmas turkey foil! Every other gadget or gizmo that I have can connect to the same router/modem set up and boast mega download and upload speeds even when placed right above the said PS4 console.
    The new PS4 slim and pro have been awarded newly designed Wi-Fi antenna/receiver hardware that should hopefully solve the problem for me, even at 2.4 GHz….5GHz signal should be turboshaggysnacks!



    Apparently this HDR10 4k sony tv is fantastic for gaming and in the mid range price, I would be definitely considering this tv as my next upgrade.


    Is that tv model US only?


    Look for whatever has the best response time or frame inputs. For me however, I see no reason to buy a PS4 Pro other than to gain 60fps in 1080p. FFXV and Ni-oh seem more appealing to upgrade but in a couple of years Sony are obviously bringing out a better console or even a Playstation 5 capable of Native 4K. I think its better to wait if anyone’s targeting to game in 4k. Microsoft probably has that with Scorpio.

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