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    Peter Chapman

    Hello everyone.
    As most of you will probably know, our forums were the source of a security hole that was throwing up dozens of error messages and generally making the website a nightmare to keep up and running. So we had to turn them off for a while.

    In fact, the forums we used here have always been a bit of a headache, with regular updates breaking things, a lack of clear support and security holes which meant fairly constant effort just to keep them online and you users safe. With that in mind, we’re going to start again with a new system.

    This is something that we’ve been deliberating over for several years but we didn’t want to lose the historical posts that were a reason so many of you came to TheSixthAxis in the first place. However, at the dawn of a new generation of console gaming and in light of the constant effort required to keep the old system safe and functional, we decided that now was the time to make a clean break.

    Hopefully this new forum system – which is built to run perfectly along with WordPress, the content management system which runs the rest of the site – will be lightweight, simple to use and offer all the features you want from our forums.

    We’re going to be listening to user feedback here, so if you’ve got anything you’d like us to try with regards to the new system, let me know below. We’ll also be styling the forums up to better sit alongside the rest of the site over the next couple of weeks but we wanted to get something basic up and running as quickly as we could.

    That’s what we’re doing.

    What we need you to do is to start populating the forums again. Get active, get involved in the threads and get the discussions going again. All we can do is provide a system that works – you have to be the substance of the forums and we’re in no doubt whatsoever that you’ll soon have this forum humming along like the old ones did.

    Stefan L

    TL;DR :P

    Is there no way to bring back what was here before in any form?

    There are some things like trophy lists and what have you, which would be good to at least have as an untouchable mine of data somewhere?

    Also, the font is egregiously large.


    Can we ensure an integrated thesaurus intended for persons without egregiously corpulent lexes?


    Intrigued to see what’s different, better, worse from the old forums.
    The old forums could take a bit of searching through if you were trying to find a thread for a specific game or subject.

    The text is a bit on the large size.


    Whilst a fresh start is a great idea, and good timing, it would be a shame to lose ALL the old threads. The ones I’m thinking of would be trophy list related. That’s how I, and many others, initially found the site so clearly there’s a demand.

    I guess they could just be copy and pasted in though really…


    Well I’m very happy so far, as the old forums got updated over the years my 3GS started throwing wobblies, especially with the auto correct function and picture inserting. This new one seems much quicker to load and very fast to respond to zooming, typing and scrolling.

    I agree with BRY, the trophy lists would be great to have back, however bearing in mind the thoroughness of other sites trophy guides like ps3trophies I think we could just start again with similar threads to what we had before but only with new content.

    Lastly, muchos gracias for looking after us and our info. It certainly sounds like the old forum was an arse to manage, so a fresh start seems like a great idea and is well justified.

    a inferior race

    Can we have a leaderboard thread please under the trophy section?

    Peter Chapman

    I’m talking with Skib and working with Alex to try to dig the old Trophy forums back out so we can copy/paste info over.
    You’re right in that they brought plenty of people to TSA and you’re also right that their purpose has been surpassed by other, more focused sites. But it’d be a shame to lose something that so many forum users liked to have here.
    The old trophy forums are online again right now, and we’ll have them online for a bit (read only) while we grab the info in them – the more important/recent ones, at least.
    I can create whatever threads you guys want and we can put them wherever you think makes most sense, that’s the easiest thing in this whole process! I’ll make a leaderboard one now and activate the banter forum so you can pull over what you need from it. Big threads with replies won’t come, just text, so probably just the latest leaderboard?
    Those old forums are still kicking out hundreds of error messages though, so I don’t want them live again for long, if possible.
    Thanks everyone, for being so understanding!


    A lot of the old forum topics and posts are expendable really and mostly spent, people only want to read and reply to current and most recent posts, I doubt anyone trawls through threads like trophy banter other than the last two pages from the 200? pages available….binning them and starting again does make sense.
    There are some threads that definately merit the copy/paste treatment though, as mentioned the most obvious being trophy and leaderboard related.
    I’d personally hate to see Tefs Gran Turismo 5 guide thread go after all of the work that was put into creating it….a lot of people contributed and it might be a handy reference for some GT6 related stuff.


    Hey guys,
    I am up for a Fresh Start of the forums and if it helps – if you guys are worried about losing something like Trophy Banter or Meets…. I think its safe to say it can be deleted and we (Or myself) can create a new Trophy Banter from start! I am no expert in this obviously but I am up for helping out and get the forums active as much as I can even if it has to be everyday I will try.
    I agree with trophies to bring back as I remember there was a thread about what made you become TSA Member or entered here… most of them, well say 80% said it was trophies that lead them to TSA in the first place. Just bring them Trophies back. If you need an extra hand either Skibadee for PS3/PS4/Vita trophy list or AiR for the Leaderboards give me a shout.
    Should I create a Trophy Banter thread? Or just wait for you guys (Or Peter) to let me know if I can try and create a thread?
    Another thing that is popular are the TSA Meets the recent were Batman: Arkham Origins, Killzone: Mecenary, Gran Turismo that is all I think of.
    So…. Trophy Banter, Playstation Trophies, Trophy Leaderboard, TSA Meets are the ones that were active the most unless of course that was just mainly me ha!
    Apologies for huge Text as I fear it will destroy all our Laptop/PC and force us to go to SpecSavers.

    Peter Chapman

    Yep, skib has been working hard to get the most important trophy lists pasted over (what a legend he is, btw). We didn’t think it was necessary to drag over the really old ones – nobody is still reading those anyway.

    I can certainly try to paste over the GT5 guide too. Edit: Just tried to bring this over – it’s all fine except for the tables, which are probably the most important bit… I’ve saved those offline so I can continue trying to batter them into shape and get them back in that thread.

    As for the other threads, I think Del is right – create new ones (feel free to start using the forums normally, we’re going to let everyone in soon) and take the opportunity for the old, bloated threads to start simple again. I know this is a bit of a ball-ache (or whatever the female equivalent would be – thinking about it this early in the morning is probably unhealthy…) but in a month or two, hopefully it will all have been worth it.



    I’m gonna sneak more of my opinions in before the forums start up again. I think using the old structure of ‘Gaming Banter’ and ‘General Chat’ would be good, unlike some other forums it always seemed fairly obvious where to start a topic. Maybe instead of seperate blu-ray/PSN games trophy and discussion areas we could have one trophy forum and one meet forum, then leave any other game discussions to happen in the Gaming Banter area. I never used the the specific game forums, only had the occasional peek, so maybe I’m not in the best position to suggest that, but I always got the impression that meets got discussed in there and the more regularly viewed Gaming Banter got used for showing off, tips and last minute meets i.e. ‘Anyone fancy Burnout tonight’?

    Within General Chat it might be nice to pin a Birthdays thread that we can start to add to straight away. It might not mean the same to everyone but to me it gave a great impression straight away and said good things about the community. Same goes for Gaming Banter and the Cheap Games and Great Deals thread.

    One last thing Peter, your ‘Cb’ gravatar above, immediately below the text ‘This topic contains 10 replies, has 9 voices, and was last updated by…’ appears to be huge, maybe 800 pixels big? I’m on my laptop now using Firefox and a zooming add-on but nothing else seems to be affected.

    If anyone wants to send me some text from the old forums to sift through I’ll be happy to help too! I’m clueless when it comes to web design but I can do boring, time consuming stuff like getting trophy descriptions out of html and pasting it into word files, if that would help :)

    Edit: edit works, wohoo!

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    Peter Chapman

    appears to be huge, maybe 800 pixels big

    Yeah, it was exactly 800px, I think. Are you rain man?

    That was in the old styling, it should have stopped doing that now (and isn’t doing it for me in Chrome). Maybe Firefox is just having a hard time loading the style sheet. I’ll see.

    Soooo, you want the Game Threads forums ditched in favour of just creating a thread within Gaming Banter for discussion of prominent games? That makes organisational sense to me, and it would allow a thread for any game instead of limiting us to creating a new forum for only the huge games we know will be popular.

    Just tried to add a quote/reply thing but it’s very clunky. Might be best to stick to using the “< blockquote > text < /blockquote >” system and just pasting.


    Yeah, I reckon ditch the Game Threads but keep the Meets forum, does that seem alright to everyone else?
    Also, the Gaming News forum seemed very underused over the last couple of years. It seems like us plebs get hold of very little before you genuine game journos! Maybe that forum could be ditched too? I think since this summer the forums became very quiet, presumably new forums can be created any time but for now concentrating everyone’s attention in just a few places might make them look more lively.

    Peter Chapman

    [quote=204251]… for now concentrating everyone’s attention in just a few places might make them look more lively.[/quote]

    Sounds very sensible to me, and they can always be added again later, as you say :)

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