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    Stefan L

    No word on multi-screen stuff a moment, but I think they have other priorities for the time being.

    @Tom – Yeah. I kept getting about 3/4 of the way round, and then being punted off the track by the AI, and disqualified for hitting them! Nonsense!

    First time I got to the very end and I got Gold by about 10 seconds, I think… Amusingly, I traipsed home in 2nd place. :P


    Snap. 2nd place and 10 seconds to spare. AI got me down the long straight.

    I kept messing up on one corner near the end. It’s silly really, because you have so much time in hand I could have crawled around, but kept trying to go quickly!


    Yeah, those mission events should have been set up for 3rd bronze, 2nd silver and gold for a win like some of the early seasonal events in GT5. Still I won’t complain too much, I have the golds :P


    Ah well that’s the finances in the game sorted out, log in for five days and get double money along with a 170% payrise for Super events and 160%? for International A events.

    That makes the Int A/Stage X 1 lap event after 5 days login worth around $140,000 for 4 minutes work and the top paying event at Super/Nurburgring 24minute event worth over $600,000 with the 5 day login bonus.
    Job done!


    A small warning/tip for the final GT6 trophy that most people will be trying for.

    Travel 7,903 miles (12,718 km) in total – the length of the Autobahn

    The mathematics was lost in translation on this one. You have go for the 12,718 km which equated to around 7930 miles on my game. The trophy hadn’t popped when I reached the 7903 miles so changed the HUD prefs to km and it was showing a shortfall of a several km (around 12,688 km) so one more Super event and the deed was done. Plat!


    Well done freezebug, I think it’s going to take me a while to platinum because I keep test driving my a bunch of random cars rather than doing events!
    The improved physics are by far the best thing added to GT6 that I don’t mind too much about the weird rubber banded AI.
    One thing I do miss is all the Special Events for GT5, especially the Mercedes Nurburgring challenge which was great at teaching you how to tackle the infamous track. I would love to try that again with GT6’s new handling model.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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