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    I was just thinking about the games I have to play and the ones I want to play and realised, I’ve already got a backlog!

    Feels a bit early to be building up a backlog, just wondering how many others are in a similar position?

    My backlog at the moment includes, Arkham Knight, Wolfenstein, Thief, Shadow of Mordor, Transistor, MGS5 and the prologue…

    Some cracking games in there, better shelve Destiny for a bit I think!


    Me too mate!!

    My current “to do” list (short version) is:

    Tales of the Borderlands (only have about 2.5 episodes to finish, ep 5 isn’t out yet)
    GTA5 (done all online already)
    Project Cars (done all online already)
    Until Dawn (done one playthrough but want to do another for the platinum)

    Then there’s the Uncharted Collection which should arrive today – although I doubt I’ll play it until Uncharted 4 comes out, I’ll play through them all leading up to release. I also have Back to the Future and Minecraft Story Mode ordered for this month too. Then in November I have Black Ops 3 and Fallout 4 coming, and I’ll probably get the Need For Speed reboot too!

    After that shortlist I also have The Last of Us Remastered which I’m saving for my 100th platinum and MGS5 which is going to be a (long) work in progress!

    Finally, the rest of my pile of PS4 games not yet started are:

    The Evil Within
    Wolfenstein: New Order
    Wolfenstein: Old Blood
    Infamous: Second Son
    Infamous: First Light
    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
    Dishonored: Definitive Edition
    Little Big Planet 3
    Metro Redux
    Killzone Shadowfall (think I’ve done the first level)
    The Walking Dead
    The Walking Dead season 2
    The Wolf Among Us

    Then there are PS+ and PSN games such as Costume Quest 2, Steamworld Dig, ZOMBI, Resident Evil remaster, some PSN heist game I can’t remember the name of!

    It’s a total nightmare! But a nice problem to have! :)


    Whoa there Youles! that sir is an epic list… also gives me a few titles I think I might wanna add to my own backlog…


    To be fair I always said this gen that I would only really buy the games I REALLY wanted, to avoid a backlog, and for the most part that’s been the case. However this gen we’ve seen price-drops and retailer sales much more frequently and sooner that we did last gen, so a lot of those games in the second (larger) list were bought for only £15-£20 each. (I’m trying to justify the backlog here!!!!).

    The trouble I’ve got at the moment is that new games are coming out thick and fast leading up to Christmas, just as I’m working through some of the longer games (The Last of Us, GTA, Project CARS and MGS5), so for sometime it’ll feel like I’m fighting a losing battle!

    I didn’t even mention the co-op gaming I’m doing with friends to help them with stuff, and also at least 10 PS3 games I intend to get through (LA Noire, South Park: Stick of Truth, Beyond: Two Souls; BioShock, Red Dead Redemption, Peace Walker HD, Assassins Creed 3, Gran Turismo 5, Borderlands 2 and Enslaved). I guess I should feel lucky that the Vita also doesn’t have a load of games for me to finish!

    Figured I may just have to skip PS5 to catch up with it all ;)


    I know the feeling Youles! My backlog isn’t too bad on PS4 as I made a concious effort a while back to complete a few games and thin the pile but it is still growing. The only saving grace is that most were picked up cheap so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted too much money, unlike PS3 where I did tend to waste a lot by buying, playing a level and then end up not touching again for a year or more.

    The current PS4 pile includes:

    Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    Battlefield 4
    DriveClub (played to death but far from completed – think I might just count it as “done” though)
    MGS:Ground Zeroes
    Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (unplayed)
    The Order 1886 (unplayed)

    (and umpteen unplayed PS+ freebies)

    And will soon be adding Fallout 4 to the pile but I’m determined not to buy any more until I’ve finished playing through at least one of those.

    I’ve also been slowly tackling the PS3 backlog but sadly a lot that remain there are huge games that will take a long time to complete. At least the crap offerings on PS+ have pretty much stopped that pile from growing though which is something.


    my reason for my backlog building up is simply as I’ve buried myself into Destiny. Having been someone who was skeptical of MMO’s I’m a little bit surprised and also worried about how much time I spend on that game!

    I did say to myself when I got the PS4 that I was going to be much better this time. I decided to wipe the slate clean and anything that didn’t get finished i just left. But a year into owning the PS4 I’ve found that I’ve created a huge backlog for myself!

    Also I have been kinda surprised the speed with which games drop in price this gen so I’ve actually gone and canceled every preorder I made and decided I’m just gonna wait a few weeks after launch and pick the game up then. Now that I and my gaming chums are a little bit older and wiser (!) we don’t seem to feel the need to wait by the post box for postie to stick his much anticipated package (!) through the post box… (Also I now live in a block of flats so if I hung around in the foyer and basically assaulted the postie demanding to have a rummage in his sack I might get arrested…)


    This is a growing problem for me too, can’t resist a bargain when I see a cheap game.
    Here’s my pile of shame :
    Ps3 yet to play
    Binary Domain, Max Payne3,The Darkness2,Mercenaries2,Mass Effect2,Rayman Origins,Dead Space2&3(plus extraction),Hitman Absolution,Far Cry3 & Blood Dragon,M.O.H. Warfighter, Batman Arkham Origins,Metal Gear Rising Revengance, Crysis 3,Bioshock Infinite, Saints Row the 3rd,Spec Ops the line Rainbow 6 Vegas2,Demon’s Souls,Metro Last Light, Borderlands 2,Beyond:Two Souls,Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2.
    Ps3 started but not completed
    Operation Flashpoint :Dragon Rising,the Saboteur,Alien vs Predator, Singularity, Brutal Legend, Splinter Cell Blacklist.
    PS4 yet to play
    The Order, Project Cars, Witcher 3,Watch Dogs,Battlefield 4,Wolfenstein the new order, Cod Ghosts, Tomb Raider.
    PS4 started but not completed
    infamous second son.
    Plus loads of ps+ freebies.
    All I seem to play is Driveclub & Pes2015 at the moment, plus a bit of co-op with Avengerr on ps3.


    @blast There’s some classics in there, and also looking very familiar! My PS3 list of shame is fairly extensive but includes:

    Unplayed or barely started:
    Singularity, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, RDR: Undead Nightmare, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dishonored, Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2, Crysis 2 & 3, Dead Space 3, Bioshock 2, Metro Last Light, Grid 1 & 2, Op Flashpoint:Dragon Rising, F1 2011

    In progress:
    Dirt 3, Burnout Paradise, NFS Most Wanted, Far Cry Blood Dragon

    On PC I also have:
    ARMA 3, Metro 2033, Quake 4, Splinter Cell Blacklist, System Shock 2

    Need to stop buying and start playing more!


    My backlog is also pretty extensive

    Barely Touched PS4:

    Alien Isolation
    Dying Light
    Watch Dogs
    Assassins Creed 4
    Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture
    Diablo 3
    Advanced Warfare
    Battlefield 4 SP (SP has a save bug :(. )
    Tomb Raider DE
    Sleeping Dogs DE


    Fallout NV
    Red Dead Redemption
    LA Noire
    GTA 4 & 5
    Dark Souls
    Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2
    Demons Souls
    Shadow Of The Colossus
    Resonance of Fate
    This makes me sad… Ni No Kuni

    Games I Dislike but want to complete… day:

    Final Fantasy 13
    Far Cry 2
    Prince Of Persia (2008)
    Tomb Raider Underworld
    COD World At War
    White Knight Chronicles
    Star Ocean

    I have listed just the games I want to complete or are on my mind. There are many more. Its a good problem to have.


    That quite a list Blast! Of the PS3 ones I particularly enjoyed Binary Domain, Spec ops, Rayman Origins and Hitman Absolution… Those would be my first picks from the list…. Started playing a bit more of Arkham Knight the other knight (see what I did there… hehehe…) and it is pretty awesome. not really a fan of the tanky bits though. they could have done without those really.


    Just realised I’ve got a few more to play
    Tales from borderlands & game of thrones, outland, unfinished Swan,trine 1&2,urban trial freestyle, lone survivor, hotline miami, pixeljunk shooter 2,I am alive,& Tokyo jungle. I’ve started a few of these but got sidetracked by other games. I have started splinter cell blacklist last night tho, so that’s scraping the surface of my backlog at least ;)

    Cam manutd, the 1st 3 of your ps3 list are life-eaters! I’ve put 300 hours into skyrim and 250 on new vegas alone!


    Forget the trophy leaderboard, I think we need a backlog leaderboard to give us some incentive to plow through them!

    Scale the points gained for completion by the size of the game (banded, and games assigned to each band based on average completion time or something) and have a bit of a competition :)


    Oh, and I’ve just realised that I’m yet to play some dlc I got in the sales. Namely Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas add-ons. All of them. Plus Bioshock 2 Minervas Den.
    So it looks like I’ll have to miss out on the ps5 due to still plowing through this lot…


    @blast Thats alright, the majority of releases on PS5 for the first couple of years (or more) will be remasters anyway – of this-gen only games and undoubtedly of the last-gen remasters we’re still getting! ;)

    Calling it now, remasters of remasters will be a thing next-gen! Yeah, I’m not cynical… much.


    Remasters plus sequels like black ops twelvty-five, uncharted 11, and fallout of the window ;)

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