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    My backlog was huge at the start of the year, but I’ve been using HowLongToBeat to get through mine. It’s worked so well, I got through 20 or so of my games already this year. Just being able to see how long it takes is a great incentive, so if I know I’ve a long weekend I can probably beat this game or that game etc.

    Here’s my profile for an example


    @ jack. That is cool. I have just signed up and put most of my games in the backlog aha.


    O_O Now that’s a backlog! The one’s I always get confused about are games like Gran Turismo, like when do you “finish” a racing/sports game? One of my favorite things on the site is that there’s a “Retired” button for games that you could just not be bothered finishing due to lack of enjoyment or otherwise.

    Skyward Sword and Final Fantasy Type-0 got retired for me, after about 10 hours of both they just weren’t enticing me to keep playing. Skyward Sword felt so formulaic after about 10 hours and Type-0…….has a whole host of issues, between the camera and the English voice acting, it just felt like a slog playing through it. I really wish I could’ve played it on the PSP

    Good luck getting through your backlog, you have some super games in there, I’m proper jealous that you get to experience some of them for the first time(Portal 2, MGS3, Dissidia)


    @blast71 of that list of games that are both co-op and I own, there is: Far Cry 3, Dead Space 3, Borderlands 2, GRAW 2, and Battlefield 3. All of these games except GRAW 2 are on PS Plus sub. It’s possible I’ll get paid a bit earlier, but if not, it’ll be the weekend of 9th/10th January that my sub will get renewed :)


    The link to HowLongToBeat is pretty awesome. Signing up to it now myself!

    Now that I’ve bought my MacBook off work (kinda as a present to myself for fishmas) I can access some of my Steam games again so my backlog has gotten even bigger. Thankfully I seem to have grown sick of Destiny now and this means I can get to work on my backlog!

    Although seeing as I’m starting a PhD on 4th January I might not have as much free time to plough through the games…

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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