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    There are 51 Trophies that can be collected.


    Mighty Launch
    Mighty Falcon Launched (in Single Player Mode)

    Falcon Escape
    100% destruction with Falcon (in Single Player Mode)

    100% destruction with Falcon 50 times (in Single Player Mode)

    That’s No Moon
    Tatooine completed

    Tatooine – The Force
    Tatooine: Get 2,380,000 points

    Disturbing Misobedience
    Death Star completed

    Death Star – The Force
    Death Star: Get 3,180,000 points

    Courage of Jedi
    Path of the Jedi completed

    Probe Explorer
    1 droid level found

    Probe Gatherer
    5 droid levels found

    Jedi Initiate
    50 blocks smashed with saber

    Jedi Knight
    500 blocks smashed with saber

    Jedi Master
    2000 blocks smashed with saber

    Force Learner
    2000 blocks thrown with Force

    Ultimate Laser Shooter
    1000 blocks smashed with blaster laser

    Skilled Pilot
    500 blocks smashed with Pilot

    Magnificent Grumble
    300 blocks smashed with Chewbacca

    Prominent Jedi
    Three lasers deflected with saber (in Single Player Mode)

    Target Shooter
    Three pigs shot with a single blaster shot (in Single Player Mode)

    Star Bird Fan
    Angry Birds Star Wars played for 5 hours

    True Star Bird Fan
    Angry Birds Star Wars played for 15 hours

    Fly Bird Fly
    5000 birds launched

    There’s No-one Here
    Stormtrooper shot another trooper (in Single Player mode)

    Imperial Entanglement
    Stormtrooper popped with Tie Fighter’s wing (in Single Player mode)

    Walking Carpet
    Same turret shot Chewbacca 6 times with a direct hit (in Single Player Mode)

    Simple Pigs and Nonsense
    300 stormtroopers popped

    The Birds Will Be With You
    10 levels completed with one bird

    Lack of Faith
    Level restarted 100 times

    Pork side of the Force
    Fail level 10 times with one pig left (in Single Player Mode)

    Fatal Attraction
    Lift 500 blocks with gravitational field disruptor

    Transport Is Away
    Hoth completed

    Hoth – The Force
    Hoth: Get 3,450,000 points

    Mynock Tangle
    Mynock popped with another mynock in 6 levels (in Single Player Mode)

    Block Buster
    Smash 25 blocks with a single flight of Boba


    Path of the Jedi – The Force
    Path of the Jedi: Get 3,250,000 points


    You have unlocked the Platinum Trophy!

    15 Secret


    Jettisoned Jetpacks
    Collect all 5 Jetpacks

    There is no try
    Play a multiplayer game with a total of four people

    Thank the maker!
    Unlock your first secret from the Extras menu

    Well, look at you!
    Earn your first bonus score in a multiplayer match

    No more training do you require
    Unlock 5 different bonus scores within the multiplayer mode

    The Force is strong
    Unlock all of the bonus scores within the multiplayer mode

    Collect your first character sticker

    Most Impressive
    Collect 10 character stickers


    Tatooine – All Stars
    Tatooine: Three stars in all levels

    Death Star – All Stars
    Death Star: Three stars in all levels

    Path of the Jedi – All Stars
    Path of the Jedi: Three stars in all levels

    Hoth – All Stars
    Hoth: Three stars in all levels

    The circle is now complete
    Complete the Exclusive Levels


    Star Bird Addict
    Angry Birds Star Wars played for 30 hours

    All too easy
    Exclusive Levels: Three stars in all levels

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