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    I’ve got a problem with my PS VITA.

    Firstly its not showing the latest ps plus content. For example soul sacrifice isn’t there when I click on PSPLUS from the store, instead it still shows sonic racing etc (though its listed as 34.99 not free).

    Also when I go to games M-Z it loads and shows from Machinarium to Real Boxing then after that is just blank and the little loading timer in the top left next to the WiFi just keeps spinning.

    I’ve done a factory restore, rebuilt the database, removed memory card etc. Anyone with a vita just check to see if they are getting the same problem (thou I’ve been told on ps EU blog other peoples is fine).


    Tony Cawley

    I also have this problem. I’ve kinda ignored it because I’m not that bothered, but it did bug me a bit that I couldn’t view the January sale items beyond the first 5 or 6. Hopefully it’ll get fixed by Sony, I don’t think it’s exclusive to just a few.


    Thanks for the reply Tony, was worried something was wrong with my vita!


    Same for me with the lists in the store, although they did load eventually so I assumed it was my shit Internet. The top few on the offers page loaded instantly and I think the bottom one that appears is Wall-E for the PSP. I selected that then the scrollable list that appears on the left seemed to load the next title, which I selected and a few seconds later the next one appeared. It’s achingly slow but by loading each one that way I managed to check all the January offers. Hope that helps!

    Stefan L

    You can do all your store browsing and buying through a browser these days, whether on a computer or on a phone/tablet.


    It’s so much easier to get PS+ games added through that, and then just head to the download list on your Vita or PS3.


    Thanks Stephan, I forgot all about that but it works fantastically, just spent more money I don’t have on Mass Effect 3! The Vita page on the January Sales either doesn’t like my phone or isn’t working, it only shows 3 offers when there’s still a couple of dozen visible through the Vita.

    Cron, any luck loading them all yet?


    The menu system seems to be a little messed up however you access the store. On my PS3, the store only shows 3 PSP games in the sale, and no Vita games. Then the Vita doesn’t really show anything at all under a category. However all the games do have their correct sale/Plus prices.

    The best thing to do for now is check the PS EU Blog page below and if you see anything you like, punch the name in to the PS store search engine and it will show the game with the correct price. Otherwise searching through droves of games would be tiring. It isn’t anything to do with devices though. It’s more likely the PS store hasn’t been adjusted correctly so hopefully the store team will get it sorted.

    The PlayStation Store January sale starts today!

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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