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    Been a lurker if the site for a while now. Tho I don’t comment much due to not thinking I’ve got anything interesting to say even (I have won a worm plush in a competition) tho I’m aware this is the internet and it’s full of people who have nothing interesting to say and they shout about it.
    Tho due to little one and my job as a bus driver my gaming time has reduced (what else are early mornings on your day off whilst everyone else is still sleeping for ?) I still frequent the site to keep up to date.

    To the point…. I’ve been offered the chance to do a skydive and decided to raise some money for my daughter’s school as I feel large charities tend to lose small amounts of donations and don’t notice then.
    It’s on the 3rd of September from 15000ft (nervously excited sums up my current state about it) and was wondering if any kind sixth axis community members would like to contribute to my cause.
    I’m not much of a social media person so members of family and customers are helping at the minute but feel I may miss my needed target.
    So if you can even if it’s only a pound I’m be so happy and I’ll even post one of them dam sexy jumpsuit/weird goggles picture for those of you interested (complete with ‘what the hell am I doing jumping out of a perfectly good plane with just a bed sheet’ faces)

    Thanks for the help if anyone can and hope I can update on the 4th of September. . …. . . ………

    And oh yeah the link would help ..



    Good luck with this mate, might struggle to get people to notice as the forums are pretty dead nowadays. I only check occasionally and just noticed your post.



    Thanks mate means alot.
    Should add me on PSN charlsey86



    I’m already on your psn list ;p

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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