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    Yeah the Engineers are a pain in the arse, I’ve been to two now and the shopping list of bits it’s well summarised as ‘annoying’, as are their locations.

    I hadn’t heard of Beagle Point before your post so I looked it up and came across this amazing little forum article which chronicles the Elite communitie’s exploration progress since the start. Fascinating stuff, it gives you great perspective:

    I know what you mean about the exploit, it feels wrong, especially so since almost all goals in the game are down to us as the players. As dirty as I am for cheating my way to 9 million credits I’m happy to have gotten familiar with barnacles and I’m glad to have the money. It’s back to the straight and narrow for me. I think I’ll get involved in community goals more now, if only to keep up with the story. It seems like an easy way to keep up on the narrative whilst playing other games too.


    I found an easy way to make more than 9m CR.

    Well, I say easy…

    I looked in the passenger lounge at some station I was docked in. Just curious, because I can’t actually transport passengers anywhere just yet.

    Have you seen how much money you make for taking passengers somewhere? There was one offering 25m+. But wanted to travel 25,000LY. They seem to be offering about 1000CR/LY. I think that might be a long way off for me yet though.

    Also, the reason he wanted to go that far was he wanted to visit the top of the galaxy. Which makes no sense at all, what with a galaxy not really having a top or bottom or any sort of direction, really.


    Hi All,

    I’ve been playing this on PC for awhile now, so thought I’d share a few things I picked up along the way.

    Not sure if you guys knew this, but there’s a bit more to modules ratings than just A is better than E..

    A – Best
    B – Armoured – heavier and slightly more resistant to damage
    C – Standard
    D – Lightweight
    E – Cheapo

    So, if you want to maximise the FSD range on your ship, you should buy D rated modules, where you can (apart from the essentials, ofc, like the FSD itself, where you should always try for A)

    Also, those pulsars? You can use those jets to create an ‘FSD Boost’, which can let you go 10 times the range in one jump, although its dangerous and I haven’t tried it myself..

    Useful Links:
    http://www.elitetradingtool.co.uk/ – I always used this for rares trading, which is a good way to make money early on.
    https://eddb.io/ – Very useful for finding systems, trade routes, and information on pretty much anything you need.
    https://coriolis.edcd.io/ – Great site for speccing out a ship to find out what works and what doesn’t and how much it will cost you.


    Useful bits of advice there.

    Those A to E ratings really make things complicated, don’t they? Not just a case of grabbing the best modules. And going for the lightweight D rated modules might well increase your jump distance, but obviously there’s a downside to that too.

    Those links are handy too. Especially that last one. Now I can decide what ship I want to move onto next. The Diamondback Explorer had already caught my attention, at least until an Anaconda. But now I’m going to spend about 3 hours fiddling with that site changing various modules on all the ships to see what suits me best. At the moment that seems to be 400LY journeys for engineers. How does that whole jump/scan/scoop/repeat thing not get boring?

    So thanks for that. You’ve given us handy advice _and_ made things more complicated all in one go. Well done ;)


    Maximize your jump range and use a good fuel scoop to reduce the time spent refueling. Also, when you are refueling, you can always do a surface scan of the star, which will help when you sell the exploration data.

    Also, when you are plotting a route in the galaxy map, change the Plot Data from Economical Routes to Fastest Routes. If you are scooping from stars, you dont need to worry about being economical. As an example, I just checked the route from Quince to Maia (just under 850LY), 107 Jumps for an economical route, but only 32 using the fastest route.

    That’s in an Anaconda with an A-rated FSD, so YMMV.. Literally. ;)


    An 850LY journey is mildly terrifying for me at the moment. That’d be more like 60-70 jumps for me. A 400LY journey taking 25 jumps was worrying enough.

    And yes, that was with the fastest route option. But then I hit a stretch of type T brown dwarfs, so I soon learned an important lesson about how long I should spend fuel scooping when at a suitable star.

    Am I right in thinking the modules you can fit to your ship depend on the ship? Will a 5A FSD suddenly be available to buy if I get a better ship? Not seeing anything above a 4 so far. I know it’s a complicated juggling act with weight and power requirements, but are even better modules restricted to better ships?


    Its only restricted by the size of the slot you are fitting the module to, you should be able to get A rated modules into any ship, so you could fit a 4A module, but not 5A.. Although, you don’t necessarily need to fit the biggest. My Anaconda, for example has a 5A power plant, but it sits in a size 8 slot, so could be bigger, but I don’t need that much power, plus it would be heavier, which reduces jump range (and it costs a hell of a lot more as well).

    As far as weight and power goes, its worth setting the PRI of the modules, powering up weapons increases power usage, so give a higher PRI to parts you don’t need during a fight..

    The ship is below if you’re interested, I fitted it for long distance, cargo runs:-


    BTW, another useful link for when outfitting your ship – https://ed-td.space/ – Use the Tools menu to find out which stations have which modules, which save a lot of time…


    I’ve been splashing credits all over the place, wasted a lot on a species up Dolphin, picked up two fussy passengers who didn’t pay for their trip just because I approached a planet too fast (bastards), then sold the whole thing. I’ve now got an Asp Explorer, taken a trip into the Orion Nebula and found and tagged my own system on the way back! Back to trading now, or mostly being cheeky and stacking planetary survey missions, bashing my Cobra about.

    The journey into the Nebula was great, a perfect example of setting my own goal, having to gather the parts, tune up the FSD and then doing the trip whilst scanning away. Not sure what’s next, I’ll probably just do the community goals for a couple of weeks and take a break from late nights warping to and fro.


    I’m now on a quest to visit places I’ve actually heard of. Mainly because I accidentally ended up at Wolf 359 (which is in lockdown, presumably due to some Borg trouble).

    And it’s right next to Sol, so my goal of making all the Uranus jokes is close. But I need a permit for some reason. Presumably because someone knows I’ll just be there for the crap jokes.

    So, Alpha Centauri next. And then whichever of the 400 billion I’ve heard of. Well, it’s only 160,000 real systems, so that narrows it down a bit.

    Oooh, and Barnard’s Star. There may be Vogons there. (Although I seem to remember all their shore leave was cancelled due to Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz’s unhappy love affair)


    Do not go to Alpha Centauri. It’s a terrible place.

    In particular, don’t accept any missions that involve delivering anything to Hutton Orbital in Alpha Centauri. The destination timer is currently at 73 minutes. That’s 0.19Ly at 1,366c.

    Not making that mistake again.


    And I’ve just done a bit of reading about Hutton Orbital.

    I couldn’t be arsed going all that distance in the end, but the whole thing is quite amusing. And I’ve now got stolen goods out of it, and I need to find a black market to sell them at.


    Found a slightly less stupid place to go. Only 186,000Ls from an unexpected white dwarf pulsar thing. Got my speed up to 600c before it started decelerating.

    I’m declaring anything over 100,000Ls to be annoying and not worth visiting. Especially not for a mere 100k Cr.

    Also, nothing terrible happens if the game crashes (first time for me) while you’re inside a space station about to land. It just dumps you outside 20km away. (Remember to request docking permission again though)

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