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    Anyone who if there are any limitations or things I need to be aware of before buying an external HDD for PS4?

    I was thinking of this one:


    My main reasons for this one are….because the original PS3/4 used Seagate and I’ve since had one and they seem reliable; and it doesn’t require it’s own power supply.

    I think it needs to be USB 3.0 for sufficient speed – is that correct?

    Also, since I have two PS4s, does anyone know if I can simply connection the HDD between PS4s to play the stored games on each system, or will the HDD be encrypted to one machine?

    Thanks :)

    EDIT: Hmm, the Technical Details says it actually requires/has mains power; yet the “Compare to similar items” table shows it as USB powered. In which case I may look for a USB powered one as this does look like it has a power adapter connection/socket at the back, although perhaps there aren’t any solely USB powered ones?!

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    Great, conflicting information for the below sources as to whether you can play games directly from your external HDD – which is it? If not then it’s pointless for me as I don’t use my PS4 for any other kind of downloaded media and may as well just upgrade both internal HDD drives rather than having the ball-ache of transferring games from console to HDD and vice-versa (how much quicker is it than downloading)?


    “With the games now stored on the external hard drive, you can take it and plug it into a different PS4, where the games should appear on the home menu screen. As long as you’re logged in on the PSN account which owns the games and are signed in online, you can then launch them and start playing immediately. This means that you can store a game on your external drive, then take it over to a friend’s house and play it on their console without having to download it all over again – very handy for those 50GB+ installs.”


    “Note that you cannot play a game directly from the external hard drive, so you have to set a portion of your time transferring a file back to your PS4 before you can play the game again.”

    At least it seems that you can use it on various PS4s so long as the “owner” is logged in online.


    I forgot to do a helpful reply to this yesterday, so I’ll do it now…

    That Seagate drive won’t work unfortunately. It’s got a built in hub. You need one that’s just a box with a USB 3.0 connector and nothing else (except a socket for a power supply if you want one with that). And it needs to be connected direct to one of the PS4’s USB sockets. No hubs allowed anywhere.

    As for playing the games from the external drive, that’s fine. You plug it in, it formats the disc for you, and sets it as the default install location. All games will install there from now on, and you can play them from there. You can move them between the external and internal storage if you want, but it’s not necessary. They run from the external drive.

    Save games and screenshots/videos seem restricted to the internal drive only though. (So I guess the option to move a game to the external drive to make room for those is useful, possibly)

    And if you plug it in to another PS4, you can play the games you’ve installed on it, as long as you’re logged in as the user that owns the game (or put the disc in if that’s applicable)

    But your saved games will still be on the original PS4. Unless you do the cloud thing.

    So the important thing is, it needs to be a USB 3.0 drive, with no hub built in to it. Happily powers them from the PS4, but a powered one is an option too. (They may well be the larger 3.5″ drives as well which USB won’t power. Which leads the option of faster drives, 7200rpm instead of 5400rpm. There are reports of that improving times to load games by up to a third or so, but balance that against the need to plug yet another thing into the wall, which is probably a potential death trap and horrible fire hazard if you’re anything like me ;)


    Thanks mate, that’s incredibly helpful! :)

    Very pleased that you can plug it into another PS4 – as my kids use my original PS4 but sometimes play on my Pro, so it’ll be useful to be able to just plug in the HDD to whichever system they’re using without the need to keep re-installing whichever game they want to play for that 5 minutes!

    I always back-up my saves to the cloud after playing a game so it’s not an issue about the save data not moving to the HDD.

    I’m not too fussed about the increased loading speed – would much rather have a USB powered HDD like you say. I hate more plugs and more cables!!!

    Thanks again :)


    Yeah, saving 10 seconds here and there loading things is probably not worth the inconvenience of that extra power supply to find somewhere to plug in.

    As for swapping it around between PS4s to keep kids happy, apparently you do need to make sure you safely disconnect it every time. There’s an option somewhere to stop using it. Then you plug it into the other PS4. And safely remove it afterwards. Otherwise it tells you off.

    Why not send the kids outside to play? Give them a big stick, they’ll be happy. Stop them interrupting quality adult gaming time ;)


    Oh, good to know about the disconnect thingy, much the iPhone from iTunes I guess.

    Don’t worry, kids have a good balance of exercise and outdoor play too, I save the PS4 for when Daddy really needs a break ;)


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