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    Hello one and all.

    Think it may be time to do a little community tournament for readers of thesixthaxis.com. All unofficial etc.

    Every Monday evening, at 8pm, there’s an F1 2016 online race meeting. On average there’s about 8 people or so, all with mad skillz and capable of an ace battle or 6.

    With the game now running extremely solidly online thanks to the continued support of Codemasters, I figured it was time to do a little tournament online.

    This thread then is to formulate ideas as to how we would do that.

    Currently, I am thinking races with dynamic (random) weather and all cars set to equal performance.

    Assists to be determined, but leaning towards mandatory medium traction control and option ABS on/off at each drivers discretion. Racing line on/off, again at each drivers discretion, braking assist banned.

    I’m feeling 3 weeks of competition, each on a Monday evening. But this may be reduced to 2 weeks dependant on feedback (with an earlier start time of 7pm).

    Tracks to be determined too, pop your opinions below. May do a Twitter poll to decide.

    Race structure – Perhaps

    2x short qualifying + 5 laps races at 1991 – 2001 points (top 6)/half 2016 points
    2x short qualifying + 25% races at 2003 – 2009 points (top 8)/full 2016 points
    1x short practice, short qualifying + 50% race at full 2016 points (top 10)/double 2016 points

    Thoughts much appreciated!


    Like a good old fashioned Bernie, I do believe the middle race format (2x quali + 25% race) would be better, just to give people a even chance of success if they may crash out or whatever, and also to mix up tracks and battles. I do like the idea of a 50%, just to divulge in long term strategy and dynamic weather, but it’s not the most accessible.

    I really do think Traction Control should be banned, but I realise those with controllers are going to have a hard time without it. I’ve never used TC and kept pace just fine in the dry without TC, but the rain is where the real discrimination in pace is. Whatever the decision, the Pit Assist should be banned, no question. Let everyone use the brake and gauge it to the entry. The rest of the assists don’t matter too much.

    In terms of rules, I see no reason to change from what we have which is fair, if even a bit Charlie Whiting **** off when it goes wrong.

    Also, is a formation lap possible on Online. That would be awesome.


    Hello forums, it’s been a while.

    Sign me up too. I agree with avenger that pit assist should be banned as it levels the playing field for everyone and gives the chance to make up/lose time in the pit stops. I think traction control on and abs optional is a good compromise for everyone.

    I’m up for 3 weeks or 2 depending on others.

    I do like a 50% race as a finale with a few shorter races first but happy with any format.

    As for tracks you can probably guess my choices.
    Once again though happy with any choices.

    I would say damage on as well for realism but it would probably be better to have it turned off.


    3 weeks, 2x 25% each with a 50% on the final week sounds good. A 5 lapper each week before the main races could be good as an installation race.

    Track suggestions:

    Week 1:
    Australia (installation)
    Canada (round 1)
    Hungary (round 2)

    Week 2:
    Singapore (installation)
    Belgium (round 3)
    Mexico (round 4)

    Week 3:
    United States (installation)
    Abu Dhabi (round 5)

    Agree with damage on, it will make things colourful. And weather too.


    Sounds good! Shame I won’t be able to join in the tournament. I’d only be able to do every other week due to work!


    A tourney would be really cool but I’m not likely to be available that often on a Monday unfortunately due to work. Only day I’m guaranteed to have off is a Sunday, so probably not convenient for others.

    If I was to compete though, tracks I’d likely want to race at would be Japan (my absolute favourite track so I’m biased), Canada, Brazil, Spain, Belgium and Australia.

    As for Assists, I race with traction control on as I find it impossible to control the car without it whilst using a controller. Pit assist should always be banned in my opinion and manual starts are obviously a must too. I’d like damage switched on if possible but maybe set to reduced to lessen the pain and minimise the chance of an instant DNF. Weather should be dynamic and whilst I’m not a fan of the dynamic racing line, I’m not too fussed if it’s allowed.


    Wow, has it really been this long since I originally posted until now? Apologies folks, work and the festive period in the way. I shall go through all the suggestions now and work out a P.O.A. shortly.


    Right, a few things. Getting closer now.

    3 weeks, 2x Short Qualifying and a 25% Race across the first 2 weeks and then the 50% race length finale.

    Points, just the regular current F1 system for all 3 races.

    2x 3 lap, one-shot qualifying, warm-up race before each round.

    Traction Control and ABS allowed. At driver discretion. Max traction control level is Medium. Racing line also allowed. Pit assist is off, as is the safety car (!).

    Damage off too. In an ideal world, it would be on, like in previous TSA Champ days. But the lowest damage setting can still one a lap 1 crash results in a DNF and not just a wing change.

    I am looking to start on Monday 23/01 at 8pm.

    Good stuff. Shall discuss ths eve, try to contact people and choose tracks soon.


    Week 1


    Week 2



    Starts this coming Monday people, 8pm, 23/01/2017. See you there!


    Be sure to save your race videos and post to YouTube etc, even if unlisted. The official (joke) hashtag for the event is #TRCFT, tweet any links/images and post images to the PS4 Community too. See you this eve!


    Thank you all for joining in and taking part in some very decent racing. Congrats to the victors and commiserations to the runners-up so far. However, there’s still 75 points up for grabs and the threat of wet-weather to spice things up.

    Here are the Week 1 (of 3) results:

    Race 1, Hungary, 25%

    1. Manorhowze – 1:21.943
    2. THLNetwork
    3. heedbaw
    4. keaneplay
    5. Ro6afc11
    6. colinbarr66
    7. tonyyeb
    8. Avengerrr

    1. Ro6afc11
    2. Manorhowze
    3. Avengerrr
    4. heedbaw
    5. THLNetwork
    6. keaneplay
    7. colinbarr66
    8. tonyyeb

    Fastest Lap
    Avengerrr – 1:23.484

    Race 2, Italy, 25%

    1. Avengerrr – 1:23.195
    2. Manorhowze
    3. colinbarr66
    4. Ro6afc11
    5. tonyyeb
    6. THLNetwork
    7. keaneplay
    8. heedbaw

    1. Manorhowze
    2. Avengerrr
    3. THLNetwork
    4. Ro6afc11
    5. heedbaw
    6. colinbarr66
    7. tonyyeb
    8. keaneplay

    Fastest Lap
    THLNetwork – 1:24.566

    Championship Standings
    1. Manorhowze – 43 points
    2. Ro6afc11 – 37 points
    3. Avengerrr – 33 points
    4. THLNetwork – 25 points
    5. heedbaw – 22 points
    6. colinbarr66 – 14 points
    7. keaneplay – 12 points
    8. tonyyeb – 10 points


    Avengerrr’s Hungarian Highlights:


    Avengerrr’s Italian Highlights:


    Ro6afc11’s week 1 highlights, including a race victory:

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