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    Hello. Being around TSA a little bit, you may (or may not) have heard of #TGMEM.

    Put simply, this is a weekly GranTurismo TSA Meet. It started with GT5, there were a few GT5 TSA Championships and the website added the Meet function. Ta-dah! The GT meet was created. Since the games release in 2010, we’ve done it every week since!

    Simple Facts

    Every Monday, 7pm, Manorhowze is the usual host. Erm, that’s it!

    Sometimes it’s not on the TSA Meet section, mainly because we’re lazy, but the Meet always happens anyway. Now we have moved on to the latest game, Gran Turismo 6. So, if you have recently picked it up, you can join in with #TGMEM!


    Don’t be scared either, most of us wear headsets to talk and don’t bite, much. But, the game has in-built text-chat if you feel like communicating that way. We also set up a PS3 chat group on the XMB too. We will always answer questions if needs be!

    But I’m not that good…

    The main thing is, you don’t have to know your diff centre locks from your camber angles to enjoy #TGMEM. GT has such variety in cars/tracks (Go-Karts, Touring Cars, Hatchbacks, Rally etc.) and flexibility in the rules of the online game, you can just rock up and have fun. Heck, you don’t even need lots of credits nor cars.

    So, see you online then!

    Wait. What in the world does ‘#TGMEM’ mean?!

    Oh, also, #TGMEM is a little joke. A bad one at that. Everything these days has an official hashtag, so we thought we’d have one too. It stands for…ready….Thesixthaxis.comGranturismo6MondayEveningMeet. Catchy.


    At the time of writing, here’s the link to next Monday’s #TGMEM


    Business as usual then, I won’t bother signing up as per GT5MEM, just a regular attendee although I couldn’t make last Mondays meet due to PSN maintenance….hopefully not a regular occurence as it did used to still let you get online even during downtime!


    Weird that Freeze as the rest of us managed to get on with zero trouble! See you next week!


    The wonderful, amazing, Heedbaw has taken some cracking pictures of our shenanigans on GT6 so far. Hit the link.


    Heedbaw has been at it again, with a superb video of some of the recent week’s shenanigans!


    Well, we just had 11 people for this week’s #TGMEM. Smashing turn-out, great racing, the game can handle it too, which is nice.

    There were two problems. One, I should be banned from hosting in future due to my rubbish internet connection. I can handle drumming up some hype, organising things, but hopefully Manorhowze is up for hosting duties like days of old. Will have to ask. This lead to me being disconnected from my own lobby and then not being able to join in for the rest of the evening.

    Second, the PS3 cannot handle more than 100 friends. Both myself, Chuggy & CarBoyCam at some point had issues with it. It’s a problem for GT6 as you can’t send invites, only join a Friend’s games. When said friends are online and inexplicably not showing on your PS3 Friends List, this is a problem. Whomever hosts form now on must have to squeeze in all possible players to their Friend’s List.

    Still, new game, it’s all a learning curve. Really happy that there is demand for online racing in GT6 clearly, and that from launch the game has no major online issues even with a packed lobby.

    We’ll do it all again next week!


    @Tom I noted that you had the lobby set up for…

    Races – High quality
    Game chat – High quality

    Maybe if you toned those down to good quality, or one of them down to medium and the other to good then it might make a difference. I remember this from GT5’s tips for a better online experience!


    @Freeze – A yes, this could be a benefit. Do you know what happens to the Races if the quality is reduced? I had the voice quality lowered initially and it sounded terrible!

    Also, I’ve read on GTPlanet that GT6 shares it’s online servers/support with GT5 still. I actually hope they switch off GT5 soon to help GT6 online. The same applied to GT5 Prologue and GT5 and once Prologue disappeared, GT5 was more stable.


    It’s been a long time since I’ve attended a TSA GT meet but I remember how fun they were!
    So, now I back to playing Gran Turismo thanks to GT6 I’d love to (re)join in the fun. I’ll hopefully see you guys tonight!


    @Jag It would be good if you could join in with the GT6 online antics Jag! #TGMEM


    I think for next week, lets try a few 400pp races. Any car, Sports Soft tyres, limit of 400PP. Very simple. Alfa Mito, Abarth Punto, Lotus Elise 11, Mazda MX-5/Roadster etc.

    We tried it this week and it created a smashing race, especially with a pit stop and a smaller track.


    Just bought the game, and am a long time GT fan (since the original). Never played GT5 online, so this will be new to me. Are all the details above still correct?

    Also how do I join the meet? do I need to message the host, or can I just find the correct server in-game and the said time?


    @Avenger I’m not certain if after clicking Open Lobby/Friends Rooms Only it shows any friends list people playing the game or if it’s just Host’s that show up on screen. Our host is usually Manorhowze so his lobby shows up on my screen as he’s on my friends list.
    We use a variety of cars from our garages so it might be a good idea for you to get some career done and earn some credit also win a few cars along the way. We do some races that are car specific from the online menu and are loaned to everyone from within the game as well occasionally.
    Seasonal events usually give decent prizes and credit, but they only unlock as well as online play after progressing to a point in the career….can’t remember exactly where that was possibly National A License level?


    Thanks Freeze.

    I’ll send a PSN Friends request to the host then. With the PSN maintenance on Monday, and the game arriving later this week, I will probably take the opportunity to get some cars and licences and join in the Monday meet at the end of the month (28th I think). I’m not wholly interested in earning masses of credits or trophies online at the moment. I’m just happy to race against others.

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