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    Just wondering if anyone on TSA is still playing GTAO? In spite of my shiny new PS4 crying out to be played every time I sit down in front to the telly, GTA Online still keeps me hooked.

    This week I’ve had a slight dabble in the User Generated Content creation tools, which seem to be as simple and usable as you would hope.

    Anyway, if anybody fancies a game some time, I’m still keen to try out the rally races properly as nobody ever joins them when I host them with my rather limited clan. My PSN ID is shields_t and I’d be happy to add anyone who mentions tsa. The platinum is a very reasonable possibility for me too, in spite of situations like that above hindering my progress. So I’m happy to hook up and go after those satisfying pings.

    If you are online and fancy trying out a race I created (I know it needs some slight tweaks), I’d appreciate the feedback. The race is called Spaghetti Junction and can be viewed on the Social Club here:


    Trying too, despite being swamped with a bout 200mil, in hacked offerings.

    (Informed R* Support, along with many other legit users. They apparently do an occasional sweep & place cheats in a sep lobby… I Don’t see a deterrent there. Personally, I think SCE, should use a PSN Ban. Using mods in a public lobby &or interfering with other PSN User Accounts. Something to that effect. Surely it’s beaking some T&Cs.)


    Not playing that regularly but still wanna reach level 100 so happy to join when I do play :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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