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Help with posting pics, videos and more

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    I think this might need thrashing out so let’s see if we can’t finalise what the forum, in its current state, can and can’t do.

    Testing a YouTube link. Fingers crossed!

    Testing an animated GIF with the direct HTML link:

    View post on


    Ah, so the YouTube link doesn’t fit (here) and the GIF failed. Now testing the GIF with the “img” tag in the toolbar above the text field where you type in a reply.


    Oh shit! hahahah… look at the size of that chortling chump. Um. Help!


    Peter had a mini-test here for Youtube videos, it’s also cool to see we can now embed tweets.

    Looking at the screenshots thread, it’s kinda annoying when you embed a picture it isn’t automatically clickable through to the full resolution. If you paste in the specific code for it like what imgur provides it works, so maybe if/when I get my Mod powers back I’ll throw together a proper guide with screengrabs so people know how to do everything.


    Ah, that’s lovely. What do we do about little emoticon-sized images being hilariously large like above?

    Peter Chapman

    hmm, I don’t know, it seems to auto-width the gif and I tried to change the code so it restricted that but it didn’t work.


    Oh… that’s a shame. I don’t mean to cause any trouble with my shenanigans and will be as gentle as possible with suggestions! :-)


    Top thread added, was hoping someone would get around to adding probably the most useful thread of all the forums. A Gravatar guide might be handy too.


    Hi all, I’m big on gaming and have been a fan of TSA for a long long time, but only recently decided to actually get involved with anything. By ‘recently’ in fact, I mean tonight. Would be grateful of some tips to some really nooby questions – to start, I can’t seem to work out how to change my profile picture? It’s probably me being silly, I’m sure, but would appreciate some help all the same :-) cheers!


    Hi Jaggy, welcome to TSA :)
    Your profile pic is all done via Hope that helps


    That’s brilliant, thanks for your help! :-D

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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