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    Howdy folks,

    Curious to know who has bought the new Hitman and what your thoughts on it are? I wasn’t going to buy it due to not liking the way they were selling it but in the end I didn’t want to wait until January for the physical release…which is probably what they were hoping for.

    Anyway, it feels like classic Hitman once again after the changes in Absolution (although I did enjoy that one). Quite a few ways to take down your targets and without the hints active it makes it much tougher and definitely the best way to play. The AI can be a bit daft but that’s all part of the charm really.

    The big issue I have with the game at the moment isn’t even gameplay related. It’s the online functionality for the game. If you lose connection to the server as I often do due to my poor connection, it boots you out of your level completely and back to the main menu. Your offline saves are also different to online saves. Anything done ‘offline’ doesn’t count towards your challenges/feats etc (at least thats how it read to me). I’d like to see that improved sooner rather than later.

    Still, I’m eagerly awaiting the next map in April!


    @Rocket I plan to get Hitman on disc when it come out next year (not a fan of episode a month) sadly all games will require online for the saves, stats and even trophies etc….. but there might be a way. Teflon told me to go to Settings, then Network and untick Connect to the Internet box.
    I couldn’t play Mad Max when PSN had a maintenance on that day and Mad Max won’t start the game or even load up my save until I went to the settings and played Mad Max offline with no problems. Try that and see what happens but then again I don’t think it’ll work since you bought the game digitally and probably do need to be online to play the game.


    The problem with playing offline is…you’ll never progress. Your challenges, unlocks and progression only happen when you are online and connected to the server. Your offline saves never convert/ get uploaded once you eventually go online. They are completely separate. So yes, it’s possible to play offline and not suffer a lost connection…but you won’t unlock anything.

    It’s madness!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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