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    Tony Cawley

    If you could see 1 game ported across from ps3 to ps4 so you could play it again with better visuals, what would it be?
    I was thinking skyrim but we have elder scrolls online coming which is probably going to be just that.
    Other than that I’m struggling a little. Not many games I’d return to just for better visuals. What are your thoughts?


    Red Dead Redemption. I loved riding through the deserts, especially at sunrise/sunset. The colours were amazing. It’s also just a great game, would have definitely picked it up again if it was released on PC.


    I’m tempted to say Far Cry 3, but I think that’s because I’ve been playing it recently and am a bit miffed by the low framerate and 720p resolution.

    Other than that I’m a bit baffled as to what game I would like to return too. Hmm.

    Ah come to think of it, I’d happily have all three Halo’s, CE, 2 and 3 all in next generation graphics. Oh sugar, forgot it was PS3 to PS4. Hmm. I’m typing aloud here.

    Ah ha! Mirror’s edge. Without a doubt, Mirror’s edge. Love it. Want to see a 1080p, 60 FPS visual feast. Aww, what about Demon Souls though. No don’t want to play that again. Mirror’s edge, and Far Cry 3. Those two games I’d love, plus Read Dead Redemption as Gazza noted above.

    Well there you go, the innards of my mind for five minutes.


    I’d probably say Dead Space. It was good before, and since visuals play a big part in survival horror for lighting, atmosphere etc it would be awesome!

    I’d love a remake of MW2, but just so that the online wasn’t hacked anymore (and some visual improvements wouldn’t hurt)!


    Final Fantasy X HD. Haha. No i would have to say Warhawk. I would be all over that. Even bigger lobbies and extra incredible graphics. All for that, thanks Sony.


    The first uncharted, also agree with RDR that would be awesome

    I chose the first uncharted because to me its always been amongst the most mind blowing first experiences on a console. The sheer brilliance of the characterisation, the lushness of the forests.


    Bioshock. Would love to see a revamped special edition with all three games. Tarted up for the current gen.


    I was tempted to agree with Avengerr’s choice Mirrors Edge, but then I got thinking about some earlier PS3 games. I settled on the original Motorstorm, which had the occasional photorealistic moment and generally looked beautiful! I reckon with some new lighting, extra particles and polygons, super sharp textures and Journey’s impressively rendered sand it could approach photorealism all of the time. In a nutshell, photorealism is what I want from this generation :)


    The Last of Us.

    Portal 2 or LA Noire would be lovely as well.

    My final suggestion would go to Wipeout HD.

    a inferior race

    I would go with wipeout as well


    There aren’t really that many i would choose. Skyrim would definitely benefit from the PS4’s RAM, and it would be an offline option compared to E.S Online.
    Also Half Life 2 and especially the episodes should run at a nice consistent framerate on PS4.
    And maybe the PJ Shooter games, as i guess it’s doubtful we’ll see any more sequels – but i hope i’m wrong.


    Wow, good question!

    I have to say, Red Dead Redemption is a good call – that’d look beautiful on PS4.

    I know it’s a PS2 game but nonetheless GTA: Vice City would be an absolute corker too.

    Oh, any of the Fallout games… The glitches ruined it towards the end for me and I never really got to finish them completely despite sinking nearly 100hrs into each.

    One can hope :-)

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