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    There are 26 Trophies that can be collected.


    First National
    Bank your first score

    Lcnce n Rgstrtn pls
    Bust 10 Racers in a Mustang

    Friendly Race
    Win a Race against a Friend

    Buddy Bust
    Bust a Friend

    Racer Rank 5
    Reach Racer Rank 5

    Racer Rank 10
    Reach Racer Rank 10

    Racer Rank 20
    Reach Racer Rank 20

    Cop Rank 5
    Reach Cop Rank 5

    Cop Rank 10
    Reach Cop Rank 10

    Cop Rank 20
    Reach Cop Rank 20


    Hit a X 10 Multiplier

    Bigger Points
    Bank 500,000 in one go

    5 Buster
    Bust a Racer at Heat 5 or greater

    Bust 50
    Bust 50 Racers

    Racer Rank 40
    Reach Racer Rank 40

    Cop Rank 40
    Reach Cop Rank 40

    Deep Down, You Know You Want To
    Drive 50 cumulative minutes in any Ford then enter garage

    5, 4, 3, 2, Mach 1!
    Get 50 seconds of air time in any Ford car


    Gold Master
    Earn 100 Gold medals across both factions

    10 Heat
    Reach Heat 10

    8 Buster
    Bust a Racer at Heat 8 or greater

    Racer Rank 60
    Reach Racer Rank 60

    Professional Collector
    Purchase 10 Racer vehicles

    Cop Rank 60
    Reach Cop Rank 60

    Upgrade Master
    Upgrade all Cop Pursuit Tech in one car to maximum level and equip both slots


    Platinum Trophy
    Earn all Need for Speed Rivals Trophies

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