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    The Lone Steven

    Top Gear is back. Well, i say back, more of a “the usual lot buggered off and we hope that Evans, Leblanc and co can carry our cow so we can milk it” return. Thoughts on it in general? Or tonight’s episode?

    I’m giving it a chance as well, i literally have nothing better to watch. I don’t mind Evans that much but i have little hope for it and well, it’s kinda missing the point by trying to be CHM Gear from what i’ve heard.

    And yeah, it’s trying to hard already. It’s not even the first fecking minute!


    Yay! Well it’s was never going to be as good as Punch Gear, and I agree Chris was trying very hard from the word go, but I thought it had a good amount of warmth and charm and I quite liked that the silly format is basically continuing. Bless him, Chris is a magnet for abuse these days but I really like him and I think when he tightens up his presenting and starts making the show his own he’ll be great. He can do it on TFI, I’m sure it won’t take him long. I thought Matt was brilliant, especially in the Nomad review, genuinely funny and his cockiness helps him live up to the Punch Gear standard. Both of them will be good, hopefully the budget for the show stays high and those two and the crew get a special under their belt this year without any dinner-based disasters.

    The major surprise though was Chris Harris!! I haven’t had a chance to watch his extra bit yet but he’s got the potential to be awesome, and what a massive boost for him!! No idea who the other guy on the internet show is, gonna have to look him up. Here’s Chris though dribbling over the Bloodhound, mmmm tuuuurbo…


    I thought the studio bits were a bit awkward, they lacked the chemistry of previous top gear and there was a succinct feeling that Chris was wanting to make a carnivalesque type experience a bit like TFI. The guest interviews and laps didn’t make much sense either. The actual films were great though, felt a little bit of a change up and I think Le Blanc nailed it as did Schmitz.

    The Lone Steven

    Matt was surprisingly good. Ok, presenting wise? He needs to improve but i’m going to let it slide on account of nerves. He seemed a bit nervous or restricted to the obvious scripting but the films? He really does shine. Shame that they tried to pull off Punch Gears bullshitting and failed. CHM managed to pull it off as well, they were good at sprouting bullshit. Such as ‘James’ and their underhanded cheating ways sometimes backfiring. No context for the films. Usually, they were some form of context in Punch Gear but here? None apart from first film together. The studio is shit. Canned laughter, forced jokes and the crap takeout bit. Seriously? Why? Why that?

    Chris needs to STOP SHOUTING and stop trying to….

    be Clarkson…

    Be himself. Yes, people hate him but there’s nothing he can do about it. Just be himself and it would improve. Or did the BBC cheap out on boom mics and they have one of those toy ones thus him having to shout?

    The “We got custody” gag? No. Should have just had Stig punch someone in the face then get to driving. Or something.

    Chris is a bit of a shit narrator. He seems to be blanatly reading from a script. Leblanc? He is being himself. I loved the bit where he had trouble getting into the Nomad. Should just let Matt present or be the main presenter.

    The interviews were kinda meh but i always found that to be the weakest part of Punch Gear. The rally car bit? Made no sense apart from being a welcome change but a mini? Why a mini?


    I couldn’t muster to watch it all. I just can’t stand Chris Evans. Sure I’d prefer the old crew but maybe if it was one of the other hosts I’d like it more.

    Dominic L

    I quite enjoyed it – Le Blanc is pretty wooden in the studio but Evans has always been a solid presenter and I have no problem with him here. I think the ‘public outcry’ is just the media blowing things out of proportion as per normal. I’ll be watching tomorrow!


    Only caught the last bit of last night’s show (where they were racing to the pub). I love having EJ on there as well now, but I still can’t stand Chris Evans. Might try to find some time later in the week to watch all of it, depending on if people think it’s worth it?


    I’m not so much of a fan now I’ve seen the second one, they’re just trying too hard to emulate Punch Gear and aren’t really hitting enough of those old notes. I liked Clarkson’s style and I think whatever magic Punch Gear had left with its presenters. I’m looking forward to Prime Gear more than next weeks Top Gear now.

    So has anyone watched Extra Gear yet? I watched the first one yesterday, it’s only 20 mins but is closer to the pacing and entertainment value of the much older Top Gear, pre Reliant Shuttle, so not OTT at all but some actual car journalism. I think I prefer Reid and Harris to Evans and LB!

    The Lone Steven

    I’m kinda tempted to give it up. Still no context to the challenges beyond erm….

    actually, what was the fucking point of this week’s one? Top Gear did Challenges, yes but not every week! So far, Top Gear with Twat Evans has done that every week. Chris is an annoying shouty twat that makes me want to punch the wall. I actually told my tv to shut up when he was on.

    I wish i could watch Extra Gear. Can’t due to data reasons. Still can’t believe that they put the car stuff behind an online show. It’s fucking Top Gear! It was a car show that was entertaining featuring three likable twats. Now? there is a ginger twat.

    I doubt they will ever let Reid and Harris take over due to Evans seemingly being allowed free reign over it. Which is annoying. LB is good in the films and is being himself but i think, he is kinda being held back by the obvious scripting and well, Evans.

    And Punch Gear was excellent at cheating in an obvious manner whilst not being caught out. Such as the Jame… Stig, the Mini(which backfired on them) etc..


    LOLS! He is a yank, we gave him a crappy car.

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