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    Pretend you’re a squeaky, spotty 13 year old again, discuss!



    I’ve had two N64’s…Golden Eye, Zelda, Mario 64, StarFox were all awesome (I didn’t like Mario Kart 46 that much), but the PlayStations just had much better games overall. When I bought my PSOne, I went home with GTA, Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy 7 – not a bad start eh?

    Never looked back. It seems Mario and Zelda are still the only exclusives worth owning. I did like the N64 controllers and the fact you could have 4-players out of the box without some crappy expensive adapter.



    Yeah I liked that too, I remember struggling to find 4 player games on the PlayStation too but there always seemed to be piles of the buggers on the N64. The big exception was Micro Machines V3, 8 players at once, craziness!

    The N64 seemed prettier back then too, and cartridges were more schoolbag friendly than CDs. I’m finding it hard to defend my old favourite and be irrationally pro-Nintendo now because, let’s be honest, the PlayStation was always better :)



    Well for me one of the best games ever made was Super Mario 64 and Ninty had a niche for producing chart topping unforgettable classics, whereas Playstation developed and released the genre defining Gran Turismo which still cracks the whip with today’s incarnations….MGS was no slouch either!
    Both superb consoles that happily lived alongside each other in my case…..fight postponed lol!



    Hah, thanks freeze, I think we’ve demonstrated that were all a lot more mature than we used to be! Since we’ve got a bit of attention in the chronicle maybe we should lower the tone and show a bit more blind loyalty?

    My N64 is twice as good as you’re GreyStation! Sppllthhh!



    Ha. The Playstation has to take this hands down. Gran Turismo was amazing and MGS, but most of all it had Final Fantasy VII, which is my favourite game of all time, so the little grey box has to win it for me.



    Sega Saturn in da houses, bitchez.



    Yeah that’s the sort of response I was after!

    Naaah Saturn was shiiite ;) worst pop up of all three and no analogue sticks. But then, Knights, hmmm.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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