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    Hi, like the elves left Middle Earth after at the end of the Third Age, so it feels for me with the early adopters who have got themselves a PS4. I am going to miss some of you. I won’t be buying a PS4 for quite some time, mainly cause of the monster PC that I have and the PS3 backlogg.

    I would be interesting to know, who will be lingering in PS3 land with me for the oversee-able future. Give me a shout out, so I know who to organise the Grumpy Old Man PS3 TSA-meet for.


    Me! I’m part of the PS3 club until a year or two when I’ll get a PS4. I’m getting through a backlog too so feel free to add me and message me with anything multiplayer related. Currently I’m playing GRID 2 and Battlefield 3, but I’m dabbling in a few other games too and collecting trophies.

    PSN ID: Avengerrr


    My PS3’s are going nowhere! Count me in for Meets.


    I’m still gonna be using my PS3….would love to do some GTA 5 meets if people were up for it


    Yup, I’ll still be using my PS3 from time to time, count me in! I enjoy retro gaming :P


    I am still using my PS3 as I have so many backlog currently playing Grid 2 so would love a weekly meets or twice a week if we can get huge numbers of TSAs


    I’ve setup a meet for Gran turismo 5 on Saturday the 21th, burn some rubber and laugh at the NOOBS.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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