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    For someone who didn’t buy a PS4 at launch – will probably get one in the new year – I can’t believe how excited I’ve been for it. Reading countless titbits of news on all manner of sites… just to absorb every last drop of the launch and all that surrounds it. From the stampedes in France and Germany to the stunning light show in Rome and finally the OXO Tower in London being refitted with the iconic button shapes (triangle, square, etc), I couldn’t get enough.

    Not since the launch of the PS1 have I felt this excited for a new console and I still catch myself reading everything about it; listening feverishly to friends telling me about their experiences.

    What did everyone get up to? Did you keep an eye on the stats? I was so pleased to see the UK record smashed silly with the PS4 launch. To see cold, hard facts come out where people couldn’t really argue over them… finally!

    Peter Chapman

    haven’t really been following it, did a new PlayStation come out?


    Greg Turner

    I was alright until launch week, then the hype got to me. On pre-launch night, while on the train home I started googling my local supermarkets to get phone numbers to see if any had stock. I stopped myself there as I realised how many PS3 games I still had to play.

    My Amazon order said I should get it before Christmas but it seems it might be a lot sooner than I thought!


    I have to behave. Okay, I don’t have to but I want to. I have some truly wonderful games to play on the PS3, still, and will do so. However, there is something to be said for vicariously enjoying the launch even though my own grubby mitts won’t be caressing my own PS4 for a while yet.

    I am so, so happy to see Sony do well with what appears to be a great console. Also, to see that the X1 and PS4 have shown that this industry is in the prime of its life. Not just that but set to grow further. :-)


    Got mine from my local (and workplace) supermarket, i had mine preordered since June. Im really good friends with the infotainment guy so when they actually came into store i went into the back to pick my console and game out, thus becoming super hyped about the console. I arrived at 10 o clock on launch night and was first in line to get mine, i went home and played it until about half 2 in the morning and had two more days off work.

    I love this console. Everything about it is so well planned out compared to how the ps3’s XMB, i feel the new UI its a massive improvement, the interface is super fast, i love how going back to the main menu from a game is alot faster both to get and use the menu and back to your game. Well played Sony.


    I would’ve got one but I don’t know…. I lack the space and money for another console. The thing that changed however is that I now I have a PC that is hi-end and perhaps capable of true next gen games. I’m eager to see the first Unreal Engine 4 games so I hope the first game doesn’t take long. Then whatever Media Molecule craft together… they’re capable of selling PS4’s. omg.


    What am I missing? Why is the PS4 PS Store so shite?

    Tony Cawley

    Isn’t the ps4 store just exactly the same as the ps3 one was/is? It is for me!

    a inferior race

    The ps4 store does take a while to load for me


    The store on my PS4 runs 10 times faster than it does on the ps3, for me at least.


    It’s lacking content. I have PS plus but there’s nothing to get because the PS3 items don’t work on PS4. Contrast and Resogun are all we have to choose from and neither look worth the effort.

    PS Plus has been great value on PS3 but I feel let down by the options on PS4 in month one. They should be chucking content at us as a celebration.


    I got myself the PS4 Killzone bundle with the extra controller and camera and saved quite a bit as I would have bought them separately anyway, this was my first day 1 console and since the February announcement I had always planned on picking it up as soon as I could, I even queued up at the midnight launch outside my local Game store for the privilege of being among the earliest of adopters.

    I sold my PS3 to a friend who has just decided to upgrade from a PS2 the tight git!


    Aw bless bunimo, your excitement is quite palpable and endearing – even for you. ;P

    I too went to my local midnight launch .. and it was odd, me in my forties standing queueing up for a games console while drunken teenagers fell about the street during the pub to club migration. :D

    I picked up the KZ mega bundle and ACIV. Glad i got the bundle as the extra DS4 is invaluable due to the short battery duration.
    I also bought Trine 2 from the store so that was three games i bought butthanks to PS+, FTP and cross-buy i actually have twelve games installed on my PS4, awesome!
    And yes, already the game icons are starting to lag if i scroll quickly to the right or left.. sigh.


    I did the midnight launch thing at Game and was quite surprised to recognise & know quite a few people in the queue. Most of which I didn’t even realise were into gaming and were nearly all my age upwards (35+).
    The UI is impressive and pretty much instant. The only annoying thing is the fact the controllers only last about 8hrs before needing another charge. I guess it’s probably down to the light.


    I bought the Killzone mega bundle with the camera and an extra controller. Good job too, as like others have mentioned the battery doesn’t last very long. That’s not a problem for me as I also bought a dual DS4 charging station, so as one controller dies, I just swap them over as I always have a fully charged one ready!!

    The camera has come in very handy so far, not just for a quick playaround with The Playroom (which was goon fun), but also as a headset replacement, as I don’t particularly like the mono one that comes as standard. Roll on January though when my Sony USB headset hopefully gets the compatibility patch.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Resogun and was pleased that it became my first PS4 plat. What a great game to have as a PS+ freebie. I must take a look at the other free title Contrast soon.

    Incidentally the PS4 store loads up super quick for me, way way way faster then the PS3 version.

    The other game that I’ve sunk a lot of time into so far is Battlefield 4 which looks stunning in places. I’ve just recently completed that, so most of my free time is now going into the Killzone MP, although I also intend to make a start on NFS Rivals which was the other launch title that I picked up.

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