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    I took Friday off work to enjoy the next generation! Got my delivery time from DPD… 3-4pm! Arggh!
    Not to worry, got some washing done and put some stuff on eBay. Fairly productive day off and, just before 4pm, courier arrives!

    Connect it, power on and… nothing. Blue pulsing light, no video output.
    Checked the TV, tried different cables, no life.
    Tried everything, googled everything. Watched videos, looked at pictures, read forums. Lots of talk of the bent pins issue but mine was fine and the HDMI cable goes in nicely and clicks home. Just no video output at all.

    Rang Sony and, after 40 minutes on hold, they arranged a courier for tomorrow (Tuesday) to come to my office and do a console swap. Can’t complain about their response but good god it was heartbreaking to have a non-working console all weekend.

    I wonder if anyone else here had a similar thing?

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    Peter Chapman

    What a nightmare, well done for seeing past the frustration to understand they’re doing a generally decent job of getting it sorted. I can’t imagine how full of rage I’d be.
    Tef had a screw loose (we’ve said that for a while now) which borked his disc drive but you and he are the only people I know of personally with an issue. oh, one of TC’s friends had an issue too, I think.
    Good luck for PS4 #2!


    I am fairly sanguine now and my missus made a good point. I’m taking a hit for the team by having the faulty one instead of it sitting, wrapped, under a Christmas tree waiting to disappoint some youngster on Christmas day.


    I’m a little jealous that you get to do the excitement of unboxing, plugging in etc twice. It’s a lot of fun.


    Not much unboxing tbh, they just bring the console itself, no cables or anything, you keep those.
    I think the plugging in will be mostly overshadowed by the fear that nothing will show on screen again. I am looking forward to the relief of this one working (assuming it does!)


    New one came yesterday and is perfect. Fired it up to be sure it worked, swapped in my 1Tb 7200rpm hard drive, installed the update, and off we go.

    Damn it’s good!


    You handled it better than I would. I’m having problems with my eject button. It’s not being very touch sensitive, I normally have to end up ejecting discs through the game menu. I’m still not sure whether I’m doing something stupidly wrong but after a quick google search it appears a few people are having the same issue.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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