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    a inferior race

    Well mine was having issues this morning as it wouldn’t output images to my screen in HD until I downloaded the update for some reason.

    All sorted now though and I have to say I’m enjoying it so far.

    a inferior race

    Also trophycards don’t appear to be adding PS4 games as yet.


    Yeah, trophy cards aren’t showing PS4 games.

    I’ve had a few nice surprises with the PS4, things that perhaps TSA didn’t mention or I’ve thought insignificant enough to forget. I had no idea that the touch screen was also a button – and in CoD Ghosts you can press it to change your leaderboard position summary to the full leaderboards in the top corner rather than it covering the whole screen as it did in previous games.

    I’ve also realised how old “Start” and “Select” were and it is genius on Sony’s part to replace these buttons with “Share” and “Options”, the latter being so much more appropriate and useful – I’m finding all sorts of uses for this button on various parts of the interface and within games and apps – brilliant!

    The PS Store is so much faster (on the whole) which makes it a far less frustrating experience.

    A couple of odd things are that the PS4 light is white rather than blue – blue looks better imo (minor grumble)! I wish you didn’t have to display your own name on the interface, I have a couple of accounts and it makes logging in and out awkward since it doesn’t show the PSN name under the name! Luckily, the names seem to stay in the order of who logged in last (from left to right).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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