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    So as some of you might have seen, I recently bought myself a Vita off Flea-bay. I have to say the more I’ve been playing on it the more I find myself falling in love with it….

    Its an awesome little handheld. The only thing I do wish, being a man blessed with gigantism of the hands that it had more a grip to the sides maybe just a bulk out of about 1.5-2cm…

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    It’s a fantastic bit of kit. I use mine as a second controller for the ps4 too. I think that it’s ultimately been let down by the lack of games and by the games not really exploiting all it has to offer.


    Yeah its a solid bit of kit, but Sony killed it well and truly. I played all the games I wanted to, and then unfortunately had to sell it due to lack of nee content :(


    i just got myself one of these to see if i can sort out the gripping issue(!)

    I think if I bought one at launch I might have been less enthusiastic than I am. But I still wouldn’t be sad for buying it. Avenger, you’re right I think the lack of new content is a shame because when games have been properly designed with with Vita in mind then they are so much fun to play.

    Mostly the first party games have been great, with the exception of Mercenary which for me really didn’t work even though I’m a big fan of killzone…

    So far Gravity Rush and LBP are standout “full” games for me and Super meat boy and Resogun are my bite size games of choice…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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