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    There are 10 new Trophies in this DLC.

    Old School Sound Pack


    Beat School: A Funky Introduction
    Get started with this simple bass loop!

    Beat School: The Five Elements
    Who got the jazz? Add some horns to your beat!

    Beat School: On the One’s and Two’s
    Checka-checka-check out the scratch routine!

    Beat School: The Drummer Gets Wicked
    Cut and paste drums to make your own breakbeat!

    Beat School: Loop Jugglin’
    Ultimate hip hop loop builder – word to your moms!

    Vocoder Sound Pack


    Beat School: Does Not Compute
    Start with the basics, countdown like a robot!

    Beat School: Artificial Ah Yeah!
    Robot feels good!

    Beat School: Word to Your Motherboard
    Dance, funk, rock and house. You will master all the robotic styles.

    Beat School: Text to Speech
    How could we resist? Shout out Sound Shapes with this unique beat.

    Beat School: Machine Language
    Twist synthetic singing around to make your own vocal line!

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