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    I’ve played around 3 hours of the beta, whilst it’s been some fun and it’s appealed to the massive Star Wars fan part of me, I’m not sure I’m that interested in playing much more of it. The novelty seems to have worn off, and I can think of a few major things missing that might account for the lacklustre nature i.e there’s no class system, there’s none of that classic capture and defend points on some impeccably created maps, and the gun mechanics feel more than a little off with people being killed from 200-300 metres away.

    Perhaps I’m too spoiled by the fun of the two previous Battlefront games, but then plenty of other multiplayer shooters have got me hooked back for more, even in beta, so why I’m not that interested anymore I can only think is down to the game being downright dull. I really do hope all these things are just exclusive to the beta, and the full game will have a lot more to it, but my impression was that the core design of the gameplay is representative of the final product.


    I’m starting to lose interest in shooters. The multiplayer a I’ve enjoyed are MW 1 & 2, and The Last of Us. Both gave you an advantage for staying alive. With MW you were rewarded killstreaks which were basically game changers, (even a UAV), and in TLOU staying alive usually meant you’d win (Survivor mode). All shooters imo should encourage you to stay alive, and as such will subsequently force you to proceed with caution and play tactically. So, my problem with Star Wars Battlefront (and a lot of other shooter) is that it adopts this spawn/die/spawn/die system. There’s no punishment for death and everyone just runs around like lunatics rather than trying to work together (and no different classes to offer some kind of varyiny support to your character). It doesn’t help that the spawn system is awful and since it was diabolical in BF Hardline, and still is, not sure it’ll even be improved. Are there killstreaks – perhaps that’s how you get to become Luke or Darth, or pilot an AT-AT or Tie-fighter??

    Also, most MP shooters use unlocks to draw you back and give you something to aim for and work towards, but there didn’t seem to be much on offer. Hopefully that’ll change in the final game.

    Otherwise the game looks incredible and is one of the best sounding games I’ve seen – it really does feel like you’re in one of the films. Will try it with my 7.1 surround sound headset later. The menus are nice too and there’s a lot of attention to detail like the droid sounds as you’re give your end of match XP.


    Surround sound is lovely, with ships and blaster fire whizzing past you. It’s safe to say they’ve nailed the presentation.

    I thought the same thing about the unlocks too. I really hope there will be more variety, because atm sniper rifles and missile launchers are relegated to ‘cards’ and with only having 2 slots available it gets a little dull.

    The one lovely thing they have done is in regards to the vehicles/heroes. There’s no need to wait for vehicle spawns or killstreaks. Basically there are little holograms spread over in friendly territory. Collect one, and it will give u a vehicle or hero to use. Everything seems health based so u can use it as much as you want, aside from the AT-AT which gives a minute or two riding shotgun. Quite good really, because it can give u a better chance of having a go with a vehicle. The holograms change location as the battlefront moves forward I think, so there’s minimal chance some douche will spam use a vehicle. I managed to try a couple vehicles and they were fun to use. Fun to takedown too :p


    I’m pretty much in the same boat and feel the same way about it, but I’ll give it another go tonight.

    One thing i’ve noticed is it has some kind of assist auto-aim which takes away a lot of the skill making it too easy to shoot people – or for people shooting you. That seems to take away some of the fun I think.

    I noticed the audio options were set to 2.1 stereo just before I turned it off last night, so I’ll turn it on to 5.1 later and crank the sound up.


    Well after a couple more games this weekend im seriously tempted to be a day one buyer. It was nice to play something other than open world RPGs. As long as people stick to the objectives on Hoth and don’t treat it like a team deathmatch then it becomes a lot more enjoyable. I’ve won several games as the Rebels now – so it can be done!

    I’m looking forward to seeing what other maps are available. Cloud City better be in there!!


    It was pretty good fun aside from the very unbalanced Assault on Hoth. My biggest concern was that weapons didn’t feel different in any meaningful way. I can see the wave mode being loads of fun, seeing a jetpacked Stormtrooper whizzing off after being shot made me squeal with glee!

    Did this feel like a PS2 shooter to anybody else? Picking up power-ups reminded me so much of Timesplitters, and the whole beta had a very arcade-y feel to it.

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