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    As part of a concerted effort to get the community side of TSA thriving again, I’ve had another sterling idea.
    If you’re planning on streaming any of your gaming skills get it into this thread.
    For instance, tonight I’ll be playing Don’t Starve. I’ll be streaming on Twitch please feel free to watch. I’ll also be commentating and probably swearing.
    If you’re planning on streaming or showing off your gaming skills please advertise it here.
    The channel will always start

    Tony Cawley

    Good plan mate!


    I already created a thread for this but no one seemed that interested sadly, although we did decide it might be great for TSA meets and competitions – especially seeing as you don’t even need to have a PS4. Hopefully you’ll have more luck :)


    It might be worth setting time slots for certain games and posting that in the community round-up, as not everyone will visit the forum. I know most broadcasting is mostly done on the fly, but if more meets are up someone could broadcast that, then if people are interested in seeing if the meet, or even the game, is for them they could view the broadcast?


    Yay. Community is coming back.


    I’m streaming a BF4 walkthrough on Tuesday night. I’ll be searching for Dog tags and weapons.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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