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    Thought I’d resurrect a thread from the old forums, for any discussion about co-op gaming in all its forms.

    As Diablo 3 draws to a close, I purchased Saints Row IV in the festive sale, and now I’ve got my eye on Minecraft. Does anyone have an opinion on this game from the co-op perspective? I know very little about it, the creation mode looks fun, but I’m guessing the survival mode is where the gamey elements reside. Does it have any significant progression or an endgame of sorts? How well does it work online?

    Also what games are people looking forward to on the horizon? I think Dark Souls 2 will be the last swing of the bat for my PS3, and I’m hoping they’ve tweaked the summoning to make it a little easier for co-op a la Demon’s Souls. PS4-wise I’m guessing games like Destiny and the Division are ones to watch for some co-op action in the future. Has anyone done any couch co-op on PS4 yet? Are trophies earned for separate accounts?

    Tony Cawley

    I think Warframe looks like a cracking co-op game, sadly it’s still in beta so there are no trophies for it. I’ll be keeping hold of it though so when it comes out of beta and trophies are released I can give it a good crack.


    Borderlands 2 and Far Cry 3 are slightly older co-op games which I’ll be playing myself after Christmas. I forgot about Diablo 3 though, one more to reason to buy it. I’ll be doing Dead Space 3 as well. A cracking game on co-op.


    Borderlands 2 is fantastic in co-op. Such a step up from the first. Far Cry 3, not so much…
    I’m still trying to nail the last couple of trophies on COD Ghosts Extinction mode. Lots of cursing involved!


    Don’t know much about Warframe, other than it’s F2P, should be out of beta by the time I get the PS4 though. Borderlands 2 is a great game, must be nice getting into it for the first time, but I can’t say I enjoyed Far Cry 3 co-op, not that I played it for very long. As for Dead Space 3, I’ve been hoping it will come to PS+ (I think the second game did).

    The Diablo platinum was ticked off last night, the game outstayed its welcome by the end, just don’t think there was enough quest/world content to match the stupid amounts of gold needed for one trophy, but overall a fantastic co-op experience which I’d highly recommend. Also kudos to the developers for putting in the ability to create save files on two separate accounts in local co-op so you can take your character with you when you go.

    I did try Guacamelee very briefly with a friend, not sure it worked though as we were on a tricky platforming bit, and with both players being able to switch dimensions it got a bit silly so it didn’t last long. Better played alone I reckon, superb game though (and well judged platinum I think).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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