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    The closed beta has become an open beta, anyone jumping back in to scratch that Divis-itch? Think im going to jump back in myself and claim my special award for taking part! :)


    The Division on PS4 got a whole lot of fixes and changes. Original article at

    New Mission Available to play, Subway Morgue:
    Encounter a new faction: The Cleaners
    Explore a Mass Grave while trying to restore power to the city.
    Rescue the missing Engineer, Paul Rhodes

    Unlock an additional Wing in the Base of Operations:
    The first upgrade to the Tech Wing is now available
    A new skill can now be unlocked: The deployable turret

    Numerous Dark Zone updates and improvements:
    New High End weapons available in the Dark Zone
    Refresh rate on Dark Zone chests has been greatly reduced
    Non-player enemies in the Dark Zone have been significantly increased in number
    Non-player enemies in the Dark Zone have been buffed slightly
    The Manhunt Timer now pauses instead of refreshing while in combat as a level 5 Rogue
    The Reward for surviving as a Rogue Agent has been increased to 1.5x the kill bounty
    The Health Bar for Agents in the Dark Zone now only turns red when they actually become Rogue
    A new warning icon has been added to indicate an Agent who has shot another player but has not done enough damage to go Rogue
    Dark Zone experience leveling curve has been adjusted slightly
    Disabled the option to transfer Dark Zone brackets as a Rogue (This prevents players using Bracket Transfer as a means to escape after becoming Rogue)
    Removed some ropes that allowed players to reach areas that gave them an unfair advantage

    Other changes
    New Ubisoft Club Action available for participating in the Open Beta unlocking an exclusive reward in-game
    New and improved Tutorial Video
    Tutorial video is now available to view from t he Character Select Screen
    Fixed two bugs that allowed players to become invisible to other players
    Fixed an exploit with Ballistic Shield Skill that allowed players to become invincible
    Cheat Detection and Prevention additions and updates
    Fixed mismatch of stats that occured occasionally between Vendor Inventory and Player Inventory when item purchased
    Adjusted player movement speed while running with a grenade in hand
    Fixed a bug that sometimes caused other player’s name and health bar to not be visible in the Dark Zone
    Fixed some Weapon Mods that resulted in incorrect stat values when equipped
    Fixed some weapons that didn’t appear as Contaminated when obtained in the Dark Zone
    Fixed a bug with the Reward Claims Vendor that caused stacks of consumables to be decreased under specific circumstances
    Fixed a bug with stats display not updating when browing Vendor Inventories
    Fixed a bug that caused contiuous vibration under very specific conditions
    Fixed a very rare bug that prevented players from being able to fire or switch their weapons
    Added mission Dialogue lines in Missing Persons: Heather Lau Side Mission
    Several environment fixes to prevent falling through world issues in specific places
    Multiple stability fixes (23 unique crashes fixed)
    Server optimizations and improvements (players will receive less connection errors now)
    Multiple localization fixes and improvements
    Additional polish & bug fixes too numerous to mention!

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    I sure will be jumping back in. Doubt I’ll spend too much time in it this time, since I’ve got other games to get through before it’s actual release – and since I’ve already decided I’m getting it. However, I want to play it to get the in-game reward and also to try the addition missions, and the turret!!

    Thanks for the update info – that’s quite a lot of stuff!


    Hey Youles, yeah was in two minds about jumping back in, was afraid I would spoil the experience before the game actually released, but I’m a sucker for that reward plus I actually miss playing the game!

    Yeah it’s great to see Massive able to fix bugs in a very quick turn around and quite pleased that 90% of the complaints from the beta have been addressed and fixed.

    That turret is going to awesome!


    Yeah I agree – it might end up being a chore playing the first 4-6 hours of the final game as we’ll be repeating missions we’ve already done! Generally speaking with demos and Betas once I decide I’m going to get it, I’ll stop playing – but credit to The Division it had me hooked! The free reward will be nice – I’ve also got the Limited Edition pre-ordered from GAME which has a few skins and such; and I should get the odd bit of DLC from the season pass too.

    I haven’t read too much about the complaints to be honest (I didn’t have many!) but still good to know they’ve been addressed.

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to the turret – might try the hospital mission on Hard again to see how much it might help!


    I’ve accidentally gone and spent 8 hours on The Division beta and the damn thing is still drawing me in. I didn’t like some of the changes they made at first like higher level AI, but now that I’m well equipped and the initial wave of douche bags (who don’t know what’s going o around themselves and walk in the way of my gunfire) have gone, the changes are welcome. Definitely a bit more going on in the DZ with the landmarks and loot boxes getting better respawn times, and I’m nearly up to the level of guns and armor that I was in the closed beta.

    It’s best not to ask me the logic of committing so much time into these temporary snippets of game… I don’t quite know myself.


    I played a couple of hours last night and thought it was quite good. Visually it’s not bad at all, certainly looks good from a 3rd-person perspective. I couldn’t determine much difference between the primary and secondary weapons, except that the latter had a slightly lower fire-rate and slightly less recoil, which helped.
    I completed the medical mission and ventured off to try another encounter, not a story mission but not exactly random either as it was marked on the map. Once there i found the enemies were much tougher and i died pretty quickly.
    I wasn’t sure about the floating HUD at first but it’s actually ideal for gameplay, even if it spoils the view a little.
    Still feels weird having to be online to play sp but presumably that will only be for the beta. I’ll spend some more time with it tonight.


    @TSBonyman – It’s an MMO mate it’ll always be online. If the servers are down from PS or broadband you cannot play it offline!
    It’s Destiny/Elder Scrolls MMO type just with guns and in modern time.


    CrazyDel: It’s an MMO? I thought it was an RPG/shooter? I enjoyed Destiny to a certain extent but decided then that i wouldn’t pay for a similar experience again. I guess i’ll make the most of the beta while it lasts.. ;)


    @TSBonyman – I could be wrong bud. Need to wait for the reviews but if I can see players running about free roam then I think it’s an MMO I seen a few folks with higher level and their PSN names I just know it wasn’t an AI but I am certain.
    Hopefully Youles will explain as he has played this more than any other games this week or RudeAwakening.


    Not exactly MMO afaik. The non-dark zone part of the world doesn’t have any other players roaming around except for those other players in your group (this is at least true of the beta). Only the dark zone has other players roaming around.

    I think part of the online-only factor is being able to make quick transitions from the standard zone to dark zone, as well as constantly updated vendors and access to the same DZ server throughout a session (rather than visiting a different DZ server with different players). I can’t say I’m that miffed about it because online is integral to the experience, and it’d be just another RPG shooter if it was strictly offline. It goes without saying it’s an ‘experience’ rather than a tangible game, as one day in the very distant future servers may be switched offline.


    Ah ok Del, i happily didn’t notice any other players while i was on so i just assumed the mp required loading a different map – or a different ‘instance’ of the map.

    EDIT: Oh i see Avenger has provided some info while i had the page open at work, cheers Avenger!

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    Avenger is correct. That’s the only thing that annoys me about it being online only – and that one day I won’t be able to play it, even the main “campaign” solo. I just think it’s crazy – if you’re playing offline, you don’t need the “seamless” SP>CO-OP>PvP which is what Ubisoft keep claiming the reasoning for it being “always online” which is a weak argument imo. Presumably only your online stats need to be saved on a server, which you’d need to be online for anyway – anything else is just mission progress and your inventory items.

    For me the online only thing is just a way for them to control the games’ life-span, and possible security – so people can’t hack local save-files (maybe?).

    Anyway, I managed to save a tenner on my pre-order today – I had the Limited Edition pre-ordered with game for £47.99 and planned on getting the season pass for £29.99, but they’re doing a bundle for both for £67.99…should anyone be interested! :)


    I think Amazon do a Gold edition for £60. The game plus season pass for that price caught my eye. No limited edition though.


    Oh that’s very good – although sadly only seems to be on Xbox. Weird that it’s so much cheaper, when they have all the content and Beta exclusivity.

    The Limited Edition just includes a couple of outfits, skinned-shotguns and Go-Bags (I think those are for the grenade types and ammo types – allows you to carry more of a specific type of grenade, and ammo).

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