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    The Lone Steven

    I can’t believe we haven’t had one of these. It’s a British site! Where’s the tea talk?

    Here it is! So, tea!

    PG Tips, yorkshire, Tetley, etc…

    How do you have yours?

    Favourite brand?

    Worst brand?

    Any funny Tea stories?

    Worst ways to waste a cuppa?

    Come on, share!

    I use PG tips, the SUPERIOR tea even if i have to fight that monkey every time to drink it. I have mine with one sugar, milk. Try to leave it to brew for a bit whenever i can. I do hate it when i have biscuits and half the fecker falls in! It ruins a good cuppa and i feel like i either have too man a search and rescue operation or give it up for good, make another and mourn the lost cuppa.


    I drink Coffee


    I drink neither. Does that make me weird?

    The Lone Steven

    Yes. You ought to be hanged for high treason.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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