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    Dan Jones

    I have a lot of unfinished games sitting in my PS4 library and I’ve been gradually getting through them the past few weeks. Thought It would be good to start a topic giving a few thoughts on games you’ve recently finished as part of your backlog, and whether it’s worth recommending them for someone to add them to theirs haha.

    Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Overall, I thought it was a completely average game. Had nothing on 2 or 3. Didn’t enjoy the story, there were a few disappointing moments. The combat didn’t feel as heavy and I didn’t really find the bot alongside you that helpful at all apart from reviving you. Worth a playthrough for a fiver at best.


    I really enjoyed Thief. It’s challenging and actually encourages you to use stealth than go in charging with combat. With ammo in short supply late on in each mission it can become really satisfying slipping past a handful of enemies. The boss fights towards the end aren’t bad either.

    Alien Isolation

    I’ve only just got around to playing this as it was broken on release (horrendous frame rate made it unplayable), but after giving it another go I can guarantee it’s absolutely brilliant. Challenging, tense, visually amazing and it has a story that feels very much deserving on its Alien title. There’s some clever RPG elements thrown in the mix. The Alien is sure to give you a few surprises as it’s unpredictable, not to mention the relentless androids. Worth every penny.

    Stefan L

    I’m utterly hopeless at clearing my backlog. I put 30 minutes into Batman: Arkham City (not Knight), played a little bit of Splatoon and stuff like that, but haven’t been able to make a concerted effort on anything yet.

    Those three games you’re playing would be a damn good place for me to start. I’ve got all three to play…


    I’m too scared to play Alien. I have The Last of Us on my HDD too but I’ve never felt like playing it along with Grim Fandango… which doesn’t even work on Vita. <.<

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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