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    a inferior race

    I got the nfs rivals plat today. My first ps4 plat


    Tom said:

    I just need one Trophy for the GT6 Platinum. The rest of the Trophies are suprisingly easy…simply finish the game for the most part!

    @Freeze How on earth have you managed to rack up soooo many miles?!

    Quite a simple method really that I use to while away the miles and clock up loads of dosh.

    Car needed: Pagani Huayra ’13 Tuned to max
    Event and track: International A – Like the Wind – Stage X (1 lap race)
    Track length: 18.82 miles
    Prize money: $43,890
    Time to complete: 4 minutes
    Strategy: Floor it!

    Car needed: Audi Quattro S1 Pikes Peak ’87 Tuned to max
    Event and track: Super – Nurby 24 minute challenge – Nurburgring 24 hr track
    Track length: 15.76 miles x 3 (3 lap race)
    Prize money: $175,240
    Time to complete: 27 minutes (no pitstops)
    Strategy: Use Racing Hard tyres throughout the rainfall and dry spells, the car grips like glue, no need for any pitstop as you can make the fuel last by lifting on lap 3, and the tyres hardly wear at all!

    I alternate between these two methods to clock up the miles…obviously the stage X being the fastest to clock up both miles and credits but I like to do the Nurby race now and then for miles and especially cash….only 3 laps at night in the rain! :P
    I also dip into the occasional championship elsewhere.

    But the stage X race = a 4 minute drive for $43,000 and 19 miles. I keep re-tuning the Pagani to try and break the 4 minute barrier, no luck yet! ;)

    This should probably go into the GT6 tips thread but hey-ho :P

    ps. Nice plat AIR ;)

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    Congrats on NFS Rivals Plat AiR :D
    My Black Flag will have to wait as my net is having problems at the moment, and the bloody last Single Player trophy is bugging me – ‘Sharing is Caring’ Bloody luck base trophy that!


    @Freeze Thank you for the tip, very helpful, I shall try that in the coming days!


    Just got my first proper PS4 plat, Call of Duty Ghosts….(Sound Shapes doesn’t really count). Number 60 for me personally.

    Is there still a leaderboard for fastest plats, not sure I’ve seen anyone claim this yet?


    …forgot to mention – special thanks to McProley, Teflon and Lyts1985 for their help. Bloody good fun tonight, and we made an awesome team. :)

    a inferior race

    When I saw event and track for freeze. I thought he had specific music as well.


    @Youles So, do the PS4,PS3 and Vita trophies all show up in the same trophy list on each machine, like for comparing trophy purposes etc.? Always been curious how that works.
    Well done on on popping the PS4 plat cherry btw ;)


    @freeze – cheers mate! :) Well done on your GT6 progress, you’re a beast at that game. Gutted it’s not on PS4 so I could watch.

    Yes, on Vita and PS4 you can view all formats and they’re in one list. Not sure if you can filter by format though.


    Cool, so the PS4 trophies don’t show on PS3 then? Odd set up but then again there are incompatibilities with the friends list also between the gens!
    Re: GT6 The platinum on this years game has been made easily accessible to anyone mate nothing very difficult at all, probably a 4/10 difficulty rating.


    Sorry, to clarify yes the PS4 trophies do show up on PS3 (when in online mode), and they do on Vita too. Yeah, it’s a shame on PS3 you can’t see what people are playing on PS4 (yet).

    Oh really, perhaps I should have purchased GT6 then, being the trophy whore I am :p


    Oh god, that dreaded trophy online mode that takes 3 weeks to show your PS3’s trophy, hope it’s speeded up a bit for next gen haha.
    Ta for the info anyway ;)
    Yep, the only trophy that holds you back a little from platinum on GT6 is the mileage (approx. 8000), but that’s not a mega grinder to be fair.


    Hopefully that rotund jolly fella will be plopping GT6 under my tree on Wednesday so I may give the plat a go if it’s not that bad…


    Been w while since I posted been drunk everyday lol. I have nabbed Battlefield 4 Platinum. The game is buggy as hell and needs to be sorted fast! Another buggy, well nugget trophy actually is Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – ‘Sharing is Caring’ been waiting Ubi to fix it then its been two weeks now! Going to try Resogun and Sonic All Stars Platinum next.


    Nice one on the BF4 plat mate. Been considering getting it but may hold off.

    Got myself the easy but wonderfully enjoyable Tearaway platinum today. Have now started Lego Lord of the Rings on Vita and shall start Lego Marvel on PS4 tomorrow. Am also looking to pick up FIFA 14 on PS4 soon since Santa clearly deemed me to have been a bad boy this year (the chubby wanker).

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