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    Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition Platinum #287
    Got the 10,000 Gold Trophy (Who Put These Here) xD

    Next is Gat out of Hell ^^


    Nice going Del!

    I’m currently 99% trophies on Rocket League – stupid luck-based trophy means I just have to play online matches until I get a “painted” item drop after a match. Currently I’ve had about x8 normal items, x3 Certified items but x0 Painted items!!! Fucking luck-based-online trophies, WTF!!!

    Otherwise I’m playing and trying to platinum Plants vs Zombies Garden Warefare 2. It’s nice that the games’ trophy list has mostly switched to single-player from the first – means you’re not just doing the same as the first game in terms of trophies. It’s a nice change of pace and just a generally fun game to play – nothing to stressful!


    Thanks Youles.
    I hate luck based trophies. Had my share of them over the years from PS3 to now…. it should be skilled


    After taking a bit of a break from gaming these last few months, I returned recently to knock off a couple of quick plats so I could finally return to Uncharted 4 and make it my 200th platinum. I wanted a great game for my personal milestone and Uncharted 4 certainly fitted the bill. What an awesome game and superb story as always from Naughty Dog, and a fitting end to the franchise (excluding prequels!!??)


    Just thought I’d post here with some Platinum news. Got the Ducati 90th Anniversary, MXGP 2 and Valentino Rossi: The Game Plats recently. The Ducati one can be done with your eyes shut. The Rossi one actually takes some skill, which is a break from the Milestone norm.

    Well done BadBoyBoogie on your Uncharted 4 plat!


    Good work Tom, that Rossi one does indeed require skill and patience especially with those Doctor challenges and the Ducati one requires a dislocated mindset to bumble through the mundanity of it all. Needless to say, I got neither plat :P

    Nice 200th BBB, an absolute corker of a game that fully deserved to be on your top shelf of platinum trinketry ;)


    Cheers Freeze, hope you are good these days?

    30 online wins is one of the Rossi challenges! While it is not a Trophy in itself, it is one of the Gold medals and getting all of those is needed for the Plat. Thankfully, AshGraham was around for some help :)


    Yo I’m back xD and yes I have been out of touch thanks to this addictive Pokèmon Go….. have returned to PS4 and decided to play Batman: Arkham Knight and have just obtained the Platinum #289 ^^
    Just 11 games to Platinum now…… next is Metro Last Light. I have played Metro Redux but that was a year ago…. maybe longer xD
    Makes me wonder what game will be my 300th Platinum…..


    Metro 2033 Last Light Redux Platinum #290 ^^
    Just ten more to go for the big 300 =D


    Just got the No Man’s Sky platinum! Loving the game, I’m definitely gonna keep playing, the centre is calling…


    YES! Finally got the no alarms trophy on my 3rd playthrough on the Highest difficulty…. it’s a permadeath mode. (Meaning – if I die it’s back to the start of the Campaign….. there are no checkpoints and no Auto Save.)
    Had to back up my save every time and had a lot of restarts due to triggering the alarm!

    Just 3 trophies left to collect on Online and it is no fun but will just power it through lol


    Guess who’s back mother fuckers! XD

    Well, I’ve STILL not started Chartered 4’s single player yet because I finished platinuming Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, then Expansion Pack 1 was released for Minecraft on Vita so I wanted to restore that 100% trophies. Then Table Top Racing: World Tour got some DLC so I wanted to restore that 100% trophies. Then Expansion Pack 2 was released for Minecraft on Vita so I wanted to restore that 100% trophies (again!), and finished that last night. Then bloody DLC got released for Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 so I’ve been working on that (but have to wait now until the next Community Event on Thursday to continue).

    I hate the DLC model as I feel compelled to restore my 100% trophies before starting something new! I kinda feel like I’m slowly winning the battle though and only need to do a couple of other things before started Unchartered 4’s campaign! One of those things is to get the Black Ops 3 platinum where I have 3,250 of about 17,500 kills still to grind. Secondly I need to finish/platinum Severed on Vita. I really enjoyed it to start with but I find the combat boring now (I think I’m about 70% through), and it’s bloody awkward supporting the weight of the Vita and controlling the left analogue stick with one hand whilst frantically swiping the screen with the other hand. Supporting alone would be fine, but you have to use the left stick (or D-pad) to switch between enemies. Would have been good to have touch arrows on the screen instead so all the combat can be done with just your right hand.


    Congrats on PvZ and that is alot of DLC xD.
    Uncharted 4 is AWESOME man. Suprised you haven’t started yet =0
    Just got the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Platinum no. 291


    Thanks mate. Got the Severed platinum last night too so that’s another tick off the backlog. Think I’m going to play Inside next (from the same team that made Limbo), as that should be fairly short so another thing off the backlog.

    I’m thinking I might buy an Ultra HD TV and PS4 Pro in the new year, so may now save Uncharted 4 and Tomb Raider for then! :) In the meantime I’ll have FIFA, Mafia 3 and a backlog as long as your arm to keep me busy anyway!

    Nice going on the Deus Ex plat btw! Nearly at that 300 mark!!!


    Thanks Youles

    Until Dawn Platinum #292
    I also gained a new trophy level to 54 =D

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