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    Dogshit. Naughty dogshit. I don’t really care, as I really loved playing it and I never pay attention to any the awful storylines in games anyway, but I was hoping this one would surprise me (as all the reviews were banging on about how great the story was). IMO, it was just as cheesy and predictable as any other game. Nate is a cock. Elana is annoying as shit. If I’d written it, they’d both be found hanging in the beach hut at the end.

    Tony Cawley

    I loved it, can’t please them all I guess.

    If you want to play a Naughty Dog game with a depressing ending, go play The Last of Us. Nate is a legend and deserved a happy ending imo.


    I didn’t like the ending at all. I’m not too sure either what all this ‘what a great story’ rubbish was all about. SPOILER ALERT – Wandering around as the girl at the end was boring as hell, plus the fact she was bloody annoying!
    Wasn’t too happy with the game in general to be honest. Visually it was a masterpiece, but I got bored stiff of climbing & exploring once I got over the visuals. In my view, it severely lacked action and the storyline just didn’t grab me at all. I know, lets create a level where you’re just roaming around an old mansion as a kid for an hour staring at artefacts… Bore-the-f*ck-ing! lol
    Loved Uncharted 1 & 2, but 3 & 4 bored me.

    Luckily the multiplayer is keeping me quite entertained.


    I found the ending delightful, it just seemed perfect to me.


    Just finished it minutes ago, I thought the ending was heartwarming and sad, Elena and Nate almost longing for their adventure days while Cassie obviously starts hers. Parenthood and a life on the straight and narrow was Elena and Nate’s last adventure, very corny but appropriate. I’m sad that it’s over, what a story our Nate’s had. I think it’s been etter than Indiana Jones.


    I really loved the ending, would not change a single thing about it. But maybe one reacts more positively towards it having your own kids. Somehow I was dreading a mixed or slightly depressing ending, but thankfully Naughty Dog avoided that, as it would not have done any justice to the series at all.

    The ending made me seriously consider buying such a house, or rather start thinking about how on earth I could ever afford one like it. :o)


    Haha yeah the house is something else, I assume treasure hunting preceding ten years of well networked salvaging is the only way to do it. I agree about having kids, it’s changed my point of view on a lot of things and definitely helps some film/game endings have more of an impact.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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