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    Anyone else playing Uncharted 4s multiplayer? If so, I’ve got some issues…

    I know part of playing the game is for the fun aspect, but seeming there is no player ranking system, once you’ve done the daily challenges it makes the matches seem a bit pointless in regards of progressing your character/rank etc.
    1: you only get 10 points if your team wins.
    2: If your team loses a game you earn nothing whatsoever, which is god damn annoying, especially if you’ve played exceptionally well and its down to a couple of people on your team who end up getting 1 down/KO and about 15 deaths.

    This brings me onto the Ranked Team Death Matches…
    I lost 5 games in a row lastnight which ended up completely ruining my rankings and it really wasn’t my fault, as for me, Unbelievably I played bloody well. It is a team effort after all, but we got hammered in the first game which was completely out of my control.

    The result was (First to 40 kills) 40 – 12
    I got 10 of our 12 downs/kills and only 2 deaths. 2 players got 0 downs/kills each, & the 2 other players got 1 down/kill each & a ridiculous amounts of deaths between them.
    What makes this worse, is at the beginning of the game it announces their team are strong favourites. Then instead of mixing the players up, it sticks with the same teams and we get slaughtered again! I then quit after the game has finished, find a new ranked match, and once again I’m greeted with the message that the other team are strong favourites – this time the result isn’t quite as bad but we still get slaughtered. Now I’m not the best player in the world at all, but once again I come top of my team which tells me our team is bloody useless, and working as a team or not, it is once again totally out of my hands.
    Cut an already long story short, I lose 2 more games in a similar fashion which makes all the previous victories I’ve managed to build up over god knows how long pointless.

    Another complaint is when people power up there hooks to do the 1 hit kill. If someone runs towards me with the hook powered up & I put 20 bullets in them before they reach me, they should at least lose the power up, but oh no, they don’t. If they make it to your character before they lose all of their health, you’re a dead man even though you’ve pumped them full of lead – It’s stupid!
    And don’t even get me started with the Hunter!


    “but once again I come top of my team which tells me our team is bloody useless”

    I laughed a lot at this. Happens to me a few times when I’m not on the best of form, but I end up MVP on the team.

    I think the team balancing can be an issue on several games to be fair. It’s annoying when it’s unbalanced, and great when it’s just right. TLoU was very sensitive to team balance because it was 4v4, and I used to get a long run of fantastic matches that were challenging, and sometimes a run of matches which had the worst balance ever.

    It seems a bit silly to not mix up the teams, but then some people can be in parties and therefore can’t be split up by the matchmaking system. Some games have a no parties playlist (TLoU usefully had it), or a party limit which is quite handy.


    I’ve found the unranked matches seem to be more balanced than the ranked matches. Maybe you’re on to something here… More people probably play the ranked matches in parties so they play better as a team, plus they don’t get split up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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