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    I have been playing War Thunder since I got my PS4 and it seems to me that anyone else who is enjoying the game too would probably agree that playing the game alongside a wingman buddy would be of mutual benefit to both, particularly on those bombing runs where those wolves are on your tail before you can get anywhere near the target.

    Or even just a wingman to help even the odds in those dogfights when your up against some of higher tier aircraft.

    So I’ll throw it out there to anyone interested in buddying up occasionally on a game who likes the idea and given enough time, if we get enough interest who knows maybe we could even form the beginnings of a clan.

    Add my PSN tag to your friends list and just message me Wingman if your interested.
    PSN: Dar-Kaus (Pronounced Darkhorse)


    Im up for this, but right now all my gametime is going into Warframe ;-)

    I really must say that the F2P games on the PS4 are very good.

    PSN: Radboud

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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